Anne Belinda's Massage

3 Trevally St
Tannum Sands QLD 4680

Servicing area: Tannum Sands, & surrounding Gladstone area, including Calliope, Biloela, Banaraby, Bororen, Miriam Vale

Pregnancy support Muscle tension Loneliness ...
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Focusing on relaxation

Anne Belinda's Massages With Meditation

Treatments available:

  • One Hour Relaxing Massage then completely sink into lala land listening to a 1/4hr meditation $90
  • 30 minute relaxing massage while listening to either relaxation music or a meditation + further 15 minutes just for yourself to completely let go $70
  • 40 minute love & healing meditation massage received fully clothed $45
  • 30 minute Foot Massage with relaxing music, then sink into deeper blissful state listening to a 1/4hr meditation $75

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Qualification details

Certificates in Massage, Reiki, Chair & Children's Yoga, Meditation, Holistic Counseling, Bush Flower
Therapy. Before training in alternate therapies I had many years of training in health related topics during my years of working in

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Anne Belinda's Massage