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Member since
May 2010

Anne Belinda's Massage

Contact Name Anne Belindas
Mobile 0428 511 055
Address PORT HEDLAND WA 6721
Servicing Areas Port Hedland Pilbara region WA

Anne Belinda is an experienced therapist with a passion for massage, helping you feel relaxed & pain free using a hawaiian style from relaxation to deep tissue with all natural oils. A member of IICT. Having trouble deciding which massage would be best suited for you. Anne will be happy to advise you when making a booking

Anne Belinda's Massage

Travelling Western Australia heading East give me a call in case I’m in your area.

Stress Buster Massage

When you need that massage to release sore muscles & tension.This massage can be tailored to your needs whether its the back, neck, shoulders, head or feet needing attention. Firm pressure or deep tissue with hot basalt rocks an option to release those deeper tight muscles.This massage will not only relieve the pain & tension but you will feel relaxed .

1 hr $85 Deep Tissue $90 + Hot Rocks $100

Neck, Back, Shoulders Massage

Time short but needing a massage to relieve sore tight muscles or that headache. This massage is mainly back, neck ,shoulders & head but can include arms & hands relieving all muscle tension. For deeper tissue work hot basalt rocks are used.

30 minutes $45 Deep Tissue $50 + Hot Rocks $60

Hawaiian Kahuna Massage

Excellent for everyone whether you are just feeling like being pampered or in need of a treatment with conditions with pain or injury, stress, depression, exhaustion, confusion, grief,sleepless nights or menopause symptoms. This massage style has a flowing rhythmic motion using the forearms as well as the hands. Gentle stretches of the body & gentle rotations of the joints are incorporated to assist the release of tensions & the flow of energy. As Anne works intuitively the massage may be slow & very relaxing or at times it may be a little faster & therefore more invigorating & enlivening to the body. The healing effects of the massage continues long after the massage is over. The mercedes of all massages ( I think anyways)

1hr $95 1.20hrs $115

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

This massage is great for releasing muscle tension & improving flexibility ,detoxification,(at the start of a new diet) & beneficial if feeling any of the following- arthritis, grief ,loneliness, anxious, lacking confidence, improving your immunity ,lymphatic, circulatory, respiratory & digestive systems. Some times called the “Loving Hands" massage, it works gently yet deeply into the muscles with continuous, flowing strokes, totally nurturing the body & enabling you to relax, give in & simply be. In this respect there is no set format or sequence for the massage & no two massages will ever be identical.

1 hr $90

Full Body Aromatherapy Massage

This aromatic massage is a fusion of techniques designed to relieve your stress, loosen those tight muscles & improve circulation. Your body including feet hands & face are massaged with your choice of essential oil which have healing properties boosting your well being,relieving stress, refreshing & harmonising your body finishing with a head massage that completely melts away any stress. This massage is completed with the application of hot towels leaving you feeling revived & totally relaxed.

1.10 hr $100 1.5 hr $130

Relaxation Massage

When you feel the need for a massage while on a budget this is the one, music sets the atmosphere with lavender & petitgrain oils. Soft flowing strokes over the body & face with a scented eye cushion enhancing deep relaxation, finishing with heated towels, this massage leaves you relieved of stress,anxiety & enhances quality sleep.

45 minutes $70 1 hr $85

Heated Himalaylan Salt Stone Massage

With many therapeutic benefits these heated stones enhance the massage experience, creating a instant calming & blissful release from the moment the stones touch your skin with added benefits of gently exfoliating, mineralizing (18 including magnesium) & detoxifying & relaxing the muscles deeply, relieving tiredness & tension & alleviating aches & pains.

30 minutes $60 1 hr $100 1.15 hr $120 1.5 hr $130

Hot Rocks Massage

Deeply relaxing & therapeutic. Warm pilbera & basalt rocks are placed on specific areas of the body, then with smooth warm rocks drenched in aromatherapy oil you are gently massaged, as the heat warms the muscles any pain or stress disappears allowing an amazing ability to relax. This massage is completed with the placement of warm energised stones on the feet & face.

Deep Tissue 30 minutes $60
Relaxation & Release 1 hr $100 1.15 hr $120

Massages With Meditation

  • One Hour Relaxing Massage then completely sink into lala land listening to a 1/4hr meditation $100

  • Half Hour Relaxing Massage then reap the benefits while listening to a ½ hr meditation $70

  • 40 minute love and healing meditation massage fully clothed $45

  • Bliss Feet Massage then sink into deeper blissful state listening to a 1/4hr meditation $80

No Fuss Feet Massage

When you are lacking energy have sore feet, stressed or for those that prefer not to have body massages. This foot massage is an amazing quick fix for releasing tensions of the whole body & increasing energy. Also great as an ongoing treatment for your immune system. Feet are cleansed & massage while you lie listening to your choice of music

30 minutes $50

Hot Stone Lower Leg & Foot Massage

The use of heated stones & oil allows a gentler deeper massage without being painful like a deep tissue massage.Boosting circulation in both the calves & feet
This treatment is fantastic for anyone who suffers from planter fasciitis, shin splints,leg cramps those standing all da,y fabulous for new mums to help reduce swelling & aching lower legs.

30 minutes $60 or 45 minutes $80

Head Massage (IndianStyle)

An effective headache release & can also be a preventative in times of high stress. Receive this massage while sitting in a chair .A massage of the upper back, shoulders, neck, head & face leaving you feeling relaxed & balanced without the need to undress or use oils. You may choose coconut oil as a deep conditioning treatment for the hair or receive this massage on the massage table.

30 minutes $45

Pregnancy Chair Massage

A relaxing releasing therapy for those ladies that have growing little humans in their bellies.This style of massage is particularly good for the sore neck, shoulder & lower back tension. Tailored to your needs & can include arms, hands & head while remaining clothed. Oil maybe used if you prefer. Combines well with the No Fuss Feet Massage

30 minutes $35

Chair Massage

A wonderful relaxing therapy for those that like to remain clothed. Releasing the back, neck, shoulder muscles and tension of the scalp. This massage also can be preformed in a work environment. Massage at the work place has been proven to help with concentration, productivity, and help reduce sick leave, by reducing stress, tension pain.
Enquire about the various options available & packages can be tailored to your needs.

Or make an appointment to come to my studio for a massage

From 5 -30 minutes

Prices start from $10

Available for booking for functions/workshops/office/teachers/hens parties.


Please contact Anne Belinda to book your appointment today.
Call 0428511019


Member of IICT. Certificates in Hawiian Kahuna Massage,Lomi Lomi Massage, Stone Therapy Massage, Indian Head Massage,Corporate Chair Massage,Trigger point, Reiki, Chair & Children's Yoga, Holistic Counseling, Bush Flower Therapy.

Before training in alternate therapies I had many years of training in health related topics during my years of working and managing in

pharmacy and I continue to do work shops to improve my skills



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