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Servicing area: Tannum Sands & surrounding Gladstone area, including Calliope, Biloela, Banaraby, Bororen, Miriam Vale

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Learn how to relax, reduce stress & enjoy your health & happiness

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Anne Belinda's Workshops & Courses

A Set Of Meditation Classes

One session a week for 4 weeks


Fee: $90 payment up front or $25 paid each session

This Meditation class is suitable for beginners, intermediate levels & people wanting to return to Meditation.
Each week you will experience a different style of Meditation while gaining your confidence to meditate.

During these Meditation classes, you will learn about creating a meditation space, poses & mudras (hand positions) the cause & effect of stress, basic breathing techniques, Meditation for muscle relaxation. You will also explore affirmations in Meditation,Mindfulness, Guided Visualisation & Concentration.

What to bring - A yoga mat, cushion, light sheet/rug/sarong & water bottle

A Taste Of Meditation & Relaxation

Two Hour Experience

Welcome expressions of interest

Fee: $80

This session will begin with a relaxation segment followed by information & participation of Meditation.

What to Expect

To really know why you'd like to commit to meditating & the benefits. Where & when best to meditate & the sort of results to expect.

Hints on preparing yourself for meditation & how easy it is to make time & commit to regular practise.
Discover which style of meditation, pose (including hand positions) maybe better suited to you.

At the end of this 2hr segment you will be feeling balanced & wonderfully relaxed with the confidence that you will be able to meditate.

Suitable for those new to meditating or those just wanting to enjoy a couple hours of time out & unwinding.

What to bring - A yoga mat/towel, cushion, light sheet/rug/sarong & water bottle ( I do have spare mats & cushions for those that do not have them)

Beginner's Meditation Workshop

For those also needing a little motivation to resume practice.A day of learning with relaxation 10am - 3pm

Welcome expressions of interest 

Fee: $120.
At time of booking $80 + $40 on the day or $110 if paid up front.

What this course contains;

  • Learn to acknowledge when you are stressed, what triggers the cause, the effects and how to release stress.
  • Creating a meditation space, poses & mudras (hand positions)
  • Breathing techniques.
  • Different styles of meditation & which suit you
  • You will learn a meditation for muscle relaxation, experience a visualisation meditation.
  • Explore affirmations in a Meditation and Mindfulness Meditation.
  • Learn how valuable a one minute meditation can be

At the end of this workshop;

  • You will feel comfortable and confident about practicing Meditation.
  • You will have a good understanding of your own stress responses and be able to disengage from a stress response fairly quickly.
  • You will be able to choose a meditation style you feel best suits you and be able to regularly practice meditation in your own time
  • You will be able to report a noticeable improvement in your daily life through the regular practice of meditation.

Indian Head Massage

2 hour mini Workshop Suitable for everyone from the lay person to the therapist.

Welcome expressions of interest

Fee: $80.

Indian Head Massage will relieve head & shoulder tension, headaches, migraines, muscle strain & eyestrain as well eliminaing joint & muscle stiffness,soothing the nervous system& rebalancing energy, stimulating the lymphatics & blood flow.

It is excellent stress buster.

In this course you not only learn how to do Indian Head Massage, but you get to enjoy the benefits from the experiencing a massage yourself.
This technique is done fully clothed while seated in a chair.The sense of relaxation it brings has to be experienced to be understood.

This day will bring balance into your life & also those you pracitise on

What this course will teach you;

  • A mind blowing head massage that you can give clients, family & friends.
  • A massage with treatment time from 15 minutes to an hour.
  • A massage where client remains fully clothed & in seated position.
  • Massage movements on the shoulders, neck, scalp & face.
  • Stretching techniques
  • Energy balancing & pressure points
  • When to use hair treatments /oils
  • Essential oil blends

Other workshops:

Chair Yoga & Meditation a great Pamper Afternoon / Morning

Self Massage & Stress Relief - Excellent for everyone

Meditation with aromatherpy oils & colour - A wonderful afternoon / morning experience

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Qualification details

Member of IICT. Certificates in Meditation, Massage, Reiki, Chair & Children's Yoga, Holistic Counseling, Bush Flower Therapy

Before training in alternate therapies I had many years of training in health related topics during my years of working & managing in

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