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Anne Cousins

Anne Cousins

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No matter if you're after a professional Naturopathy Treatment or Nutritional Consultation, Anne Cousins in the one to call. Perfect to help treat a range of health conditions & illnesses.

Anne Cousins - Naturopathy & Nutrition

Servicing area

Berwick and Pakenham, Victoria

Focus areas

Joy Growth Restoration Muscle tone Well-being Stress management


There are two main principles that form the basis for the naturopathic approach:

  • Let the rules of nature be the guide
  • Balance the body to maintain health

Let The Rules of Nature Be The Guide

The first principle acknowledges the wisdom of nature and illustrates respect for the natural healing process in all living things. The second expresses the concept that illness is best treated by rebalancing the body rather than surpressing its symptoms. This can all be summed up as respect for nature and respect for the body. Illness is treated as an expression of some imbalance in the person's life.

Balance The Body To Maintain Health

Anne's naturopathic cures therefore adhere to these principles of respecting nature and supporting the natural health of the body. Nutritional advice, herbs and massage form the core of her wholistic approach to natural balance while homeopathics and vitamins are also employed to address specific imbalances as needed. Anne also uses iridology, assessing the condition of the coloured part of the eye, in order to make very specific diagnoses as to where in the body imbalances have developed.


When it comes to natural health nutrition is often one of the most powerful and valuable areas. Not only for treating such well known problems such as diabetes and heart disease but for treating more subtle issues such as emotional imbalances and mood swings.

Every function of the body, physical and emotional, is a product of or affected, to some degree, by what we put into our bodies. Therefore nutrional advice features highly in Anne's treatment programs.

What We Do?

Certain principles of nutrition are important for long term health. These are the basic guidelines of healthy eating within a healthy lifestyle. There are also times when Anne will adise on some very specific and sometimes even small changes in a person's diet with the aim of effecting improvement in the short term.

The value of iridology as a tool for diagnnosis becomes significant here as it enables Anne to give very personalised nutritional advice to each individual. In this way small changes can lead to significant improvements.

Why Come & See Me?

Anne also encourages her clients to develop a general awareness of the principles of healthy eating. She encourages them to enjoy taking responsibility for their own health through the dietry choices that they make. It is here that her natural enthusiasm and pragmatism are most evident as she and her clients devise startegies for personal nutrition within the context of busy, modern day life.


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