Anne Endersbee

West Lakes SA 5021

Servicing area: Semaphore 5019, West Lakes 5021, South Australia

Focus area: Psychic Psychic readings

Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation

Anne Endersbee 26 years in Integral Yoga Bachelor of Education

Anne Endersbee

Welcome to Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation with Anne Endersbee

Anne Endersbee offers:
  • Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation at West Lakes and Semaphore
  • Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation - In your own workplace!
  • Relax relieve stress
  • Mind rejuvination and focus
  • Gentle Exercise for all Ages
For total health, balance and well-being. Experience the light and gentle postures, deep relaxation and meditation practice. Become flexible, focused and relaxed.

About Anne

I always knew that one day I would make the transition from teaching secondary students Art and Design, to teaching adults of all ages integral Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation because it’s such an effective way to counteract stress - both mental and physical stress — from illness, work or everyday life.

Whilst studying Integral Yoga at the same time I was studying my Bachelor Degree in Education, and throughout my secondary education teaching career I noticed that Yoga helped keep my energy vibrant, focussed and creative, counteracting the stress and fatigue inevitable In a busy workload.
I was able to replenish energy regularly, find Inner peace, joy and calm. With deep relaxation came continual rejuvenation — mental, emotional and physical.

Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation practices have enabled me to keep my body healthy, fit and strong. It’s a way to become flexible, focussed, relaxed and joyful.

Generally, my classes help people to appreciate and enjoy their day and the coming week. I enjoy teaching adults how to achieve this and other goals in their lives.


Corner of West Lakes Boulevard and Brebner Drive, West Lakes

Phone Anne Endersbee on 8341 5523 or 0426 611 960 to book your class.

Yoga For All Ages

Anne Endersbee