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Annelyse Taylor PT

Annelyse Taylor

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Fitness, Weightloss, and a healthy lifestyle. A Personal Trainer who will help you on your journey to a fitter healthier you, with tips, tricks and recipes

Annelyse Taylor PT

About Me

In primary school I realised my passion for fitness, spending most of my time playing sports and running.

As I grew into my teens I started lifting weights and straight away I fell in love with the way it made me feel. I felt strong and invincible. I then quickly developed a passion for wanting others feel the same way too.

After spending a few years accomplishing distance running, 12km fun runs and half marathons, I started to turn more to weights and body building routines. As I started to take things more seriously, I decided to compete in a fitness modelling bodybuilding competition, which I came first in my division.

Being a personal trainer allows me to succeed in reaching my own personal goals whilst being able to encourage and motivate my clients to achieving their own goals.

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