Anne-Marie: Journey to Inner Transformation

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Anne-Marie: Journey to Inner Transformation

Is your life about taking one step forward, just to find yourself taking two steps back? I can help with this...

Anne-Marie: Journey to Inner Transformation - Services


Core Belief Session: Psych-K®

Your life reflects your core beliefs. If you want to make profound changes in your life, then you have to begin with your core beliefs.

Science has now proved that our beliefs, not our gene’s determine 95% of our decision-making and therefore outcomes. The majority of our beliefs reside in our sub-conscious and make up our hardwired, habitual, and automatic programming.

The hardest part about making real changes are due to the difficulty of aligning our subconscious beliefs with our conscious goals in order to create effective change.

We can remove old negative belief software with new core beliefs by using modalities such as Psych-K® to rewrite the mind. Psych-K® sessions concentrate on purely the subconscious mind and creating a whole brain state. Psych-K® can help you if you are struggling with physical health issues, depression and anxiety, low self-esteem, struggle attracting healthy relationships, and much more.

Energy Healing Sessions

Energy healing works on issues created in this life, past lifetimes and the epigenetics of our ancestors. Similar to the pass down of our genes, the energy is around them is also around them. Forensic Healing is one of the modalities that can be used to heal any imbalances. With Forensic Healing, we will investigate your past utilising biofeedback techniques (similar to kinesiology) and highlight the stress events that were the reason behind a blockage in your energy field.

Other Healing Sessions

  • Stress Transformations
  • Relationship Balance
  • Reconnective Healing®

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