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Anne Whish-Wilson

Anne Whish-Wilson

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Increase your Joy, Health & Vitality through Dance.

Anne Whish-Wilson - Wu Tao

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Mckellar, Australian Capital Territory

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Love Moving meditation Complementary therapies Metaphysics Lifestyle Circulation

The universe is built upon movement of energy. Movement of energy is vital for good health and wellbeing. When energy stagnates then ill health, dis-ease, even death is the outcome. We are all born to dance, it is an innate knowing. Wu Tao (translates as 'The Dancing Way'), harmonizes energy flow in your body through dance and music and is based on the proven system of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Wu Tao heightens your feeling of joy and spiritual wellbeing and as a bonus builds health, harmony and wellbeing through also being an excellent exercise program.

The elements of nature are used as a guide to take you deep into your heart energy. The dance and music assists you to embody the quality of each element and season it corresponds too. The music is melodic and beautiful allowing your natural state of balance and health to emerge as the life-force energy begins to flow freely. Performing the dances creates a sense of a 'moving meditation' and helps you to remember what it is to "be in the flow". "Being in the flow" gives you a greater sense of joy vitality focus and peace.

Wu Tao is for everyone who wants to nurture their body and soul and is a program truly suited to the modern lifestyle. The dances are easy to do and fun to learn and beginners and non-dances alike can pick them up in a few lessons. It really is a beautiful way to nurture and revitalise your self! Everyone can benefit. If you want to feel at home with yourself energised, balanced, connected, and deeply peaceful, then come and experience Wu Tao and let the dances take you there. Allow the flowing movements to gently increase your body tone and flexibility.

The dances are most enjoyable when done in a group, but they can be practised at home. After a Wu Tao class the space you are in is similar to one many people arrive at only after meditatng for a number of years.

Come treat yourself to a class, workshop, or personal session.

“To dance - to live in a way
that is consistent with our longing” is to discover a gift
that we can give ourselves again and again over a lifetime.
To dance, alone or with others, is to be who we truly are
as we fulfil our soul’s desires.
To do this, we must learn how to let go and slow down,
returning to the sacred emptiness where we encounter our true self.”

Oria Mountain Dreamer from “THE DANCE”

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