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Hypnotherapy & NLP
Member since
Jul 2004

Anni's Healing Garden : Healthy Mind Body & Spirit

Phone 02 9453 2928
Mobile 0408 696 058
Address Beacon Hill NSW 2100
Servicing Areas All suburbs on the Northern Beaches
Do you want more self esteem?

To overcome a phobia?

Lose weight, sleep better, stop smoking?

Or just be less stressed?

Anni's Healing Garden - Serene Mind Therapies

~ How can hypnosis help me?

Hypnosis can help you with every aspect of your life, from physical concerns such as losing weight, emotional concerns such as abuse, anxiety or stress, or other concerns such as phobias. It is an excellent therapy for achieving confidence and peace in any aspect of your life.

Do you want to
● Lose weight?
● Stop smoking?
● Help with stress?
● Reduce anxiety?
● Eliminate fears?
● Move forward?
● Improve self-esteem?

What is hypnotherapy?
When most people think of hypnosis, they think of magicians and people clucking like chickens. That is not what a real hypnotherapist does! And although the effects of hypnosis can seem magical, it is actually very easy to understand and experience.

We are able to go into hypnosis because trance is already a part of our natural brain function. It is the ability to focus on one thing, to the exclusion of all other things.

Right now, for example, you are focusing your attention on reading this and have tuned out the sensations of your hands on the paper or your feet on the floor.

Hypnotherapists use this natural trance state to help your brain enable change.

Contact me today to discuss your issue and see how I can assist you in making your mind your best friend rather than your worst enemy, in turn bringing balance and optimum health to your life.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming / Hypnotherapy

Self esteem issues, self sabotage and quitting a bad habit are amongst the many conditions that can be addressed. The way we view the world and interact with it is a result of our internal belief system which has been shaped from the day we were born. Many of these beliefs no longer serve us well, however we still act from them. NLP and Hypnotherapy are a means by which we can reframe our belief system to achieve our desired outcome. NLP is a "talking therapy" whereby we use a variety of techniques including imagery to assist the client in obtaining their end goal. With Hypnotherapy you are in a deeply relaxed state but still aware and in control throughout the session.

Thought Field Therapy / Emotional Freedom Technique

Do you have fears, phobias and negative emotions such as anxiety, stress and anger? TFT and EFT are emotional healing techniques based on the belief that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system brought about by thinking about or experiencing an emotionally disturbing situation. The therapy works by tapping on different meridian acupressure points on the body relative to the emotion. Once balanced, the emotional charge is gone allowing you to move forward in your life. Typically the result is lasting and is also accompanied by positive changes in thinking.

Meditation / Stress Management Techniques

The benefits of meditation include improved memory, feeling calm, being better able to cope with lifes ups and downs and better health. These are one on one sessions giving you 100% instruction with techniques tailored to your particular needs. There is adequate time for practise and addressing any questions. I recommend 4 x 1 hour sessions to give you a thorough understanding and to give you a variety of useful techniques to call on.

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Qualification Details

Certified and registered with the Australian Board of NLP and American Board of Hypnotherapists

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