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Anthony Jackson

Anthony Jackson

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Spiritual Healing - - Chakra Balance - Reiki- The Higher SelfTwin Flame and Soul Mate - Angel and Tarot and readings - Channelling

Anthony Jackson

Servicing area

Wagga Wagga, New South Wales

Focus areas

Spirituality Growth Past life healing Emotions Energy work Well-being

Private Channeled Healing Sessions
( by Zoom or skype worldwide)

For most sessions I will receive direct guidance from my higher self  and spiritual guides for you, this can be about any area of your life that you may need help with.

I will go into a state of channeling where the Higher Self and guides will talk directly to you directly . I call this conscious channeling as I am still very aware of what is being said during the session.

1 hour $180 or 30 minutes $110

(I will also record your session, for you to re-listen to at anytime)








Tarot Card Readings

 I was first given a Tarot Deck at the age of 13 , and became fascinated with the symbols and the images on the cards. I can remember spending hours and hours doing spreads and choosing cards and looking up the meanings in the guide book. It started as sort of a game or fun , but as I grew older I found that it was so much more. It changed for me when I started to see more in the cards than just the images . It began to give me insights into lots of things, an awareness beyond the cards, that was more than just a co-incidence. I began doing readings for friends and family and then started to take it more seriously. I then decided to learn from different teachers and started taking Tarot lessons. I have now developed my readings, it has been quite a journey with my Tarot. I now see it as a tool that gives you great insight and wisdom into your life.

Since studying the Tarot I have also learnt to read Angel Cards, the angel cards tend to be a lot softer in their messages. I find they are good for sensitive people , where the Tarot tends to be a little more direct in their messages.

I now have many different decks of both Tarot and Angel cards that I use for my readings. And I occasionally teach classes in Learning the Tarot.

If you are interested in having a reading with me, I will firstly use my intuition to choose a deck to use for you, depending on your questions and whats happening to you in your life. I sometimes use a mixture of both Tarot and Angel cards for a reading. I now offer One hour readings to help you gain insight and clarity in your life.

Tarot and Angel Card Readings 1 HOUR (over Zoom or Skype) $150
30 minute readings $90



Ghost or Spirit Releasment 2022

Do you think you may have a ghost in your home or work place?

A ghost or lost soul is someone who has died and is trapped on this physical plane and not crossed over to the light.This usually occurs because the spirit feels they havent fully completed their life . They can be vey attached to something here on the earth. They may also be very fearful and not want to go towards the light and they choose to stay on the earth , usually in an environment which is familiar to them . They also may not be aware that they are dead. They can fear the light. This is actually rare as most souls move straight into the light.
But if they dont then this means they can become trapped between worlds and need help to cross over.
They are often scared and may try and get your attention by making noises , switching lights on and off, moving things around , showing themselves to your pets , making themselves known in someway. You may also sense there is something or someone watching you , or have a feeling of a presence of somesort . You may even know you have a ghost or have seen it. Some people know they have a ghost but cant tell anyone because no one else can see it , or will believe them . This is because often the person that sees it , or senses it ,is the only sensitive person in the home . Others who aren't sensitive simply dont have the ability to perceive energy on the same level. Its also possible that the ghost only wants a particular person to see them , or hear them. But its usually the person who is most sensitive to energy.
Having a ghost can also have a negative effect on your home life and the people living it, as its like having another energy living with you. It can drain you . and even impact on your wellbeing.
In most cases it is better to ask the spirit to cross over as their time is finished here on the earth.
Some people like having the spirit ghost around them , so they may choose not to ask the spirit to cross over. But I would ask you to consider what is best for the spirit as this may contribute to them being stuck. They usually have friends and relatives waiting for them on the otherside.

Spirits can be also attached to items like cupboards or old furniture but most probably they lived in your house at one time or nearby .

Often once the spirit leaves, you will feel the energy lift in your home and it will feel like things can finally begin to move ahead in your life.
Sometimes people who are wanting to sell a house or property, find that once they release the ghost/spirit, they find the property then sells. Others find their lives improve , as they no longer have that heaviness around them.
Businesses can find that sales improve and they attract more customers .

It is important to remember though that the ghost was actually a human but has just become lost. It doesn't mean you have a bad spirit , they are simply lost and scared and need help.

Sometimes houses can have heavy energy from the previous owners and its not actually a spirit. In this case you would need to cleanse the energy of your home. The best way to do this is by purchasing a smudge stick. You then use the smoke form the smudge stick to cleanse your house . This again is only to cleanse the energy , smudging alone may not always remove the spirit, but it will cleanse the energy .You can also burn essential oils like Rosemary oil , which can help cleanse the energy.

If you think you have a ghost you can simply ask it to go toward the light .This is often enough to help the spirit to move on.
Or if you prefer you can book in for a Spirit Releasement and I can do it for you.

Spirit Releasement :
If you think you might have a ghost and would like me to release the spirit for you , you would need book in for a Spirit Releasement .
Firstly however, I will arrange a free call with you, just to chat and discuss it, as there are often alot of questions.
I will then need to make a time visit the property or business.

The releasement can also be done remotely, anywhere in the world , by video call.

Cost : $150 approx (this will depend on what needs to be done and how much activity there is)

Tony Jackson
( based in Wagga Wagga NSW Australia)




  • Reiki 1 & 2
  • Tarot Card Reading Certificate
  • Certificate In Swedish Massage
  • Certified Doreen Virtue Angel Intuitive
  • Certificate In Parapsychology

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