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Assoc. Prof. Antigone Kouris
Specialising in Providing A Range of Professional Dietitan Services to Melbourne. Centrally located in Murrembeena, easy to get to from anywhere

Assoc. Prof. Antigone Kouris - Dietitian

Dr Antigone Kouris is a Clinical Dietitian who specialies in providing a range of medical nutrition therapy and drug-nutrient-herb interactions.

What Does A Dietitian Consultation Involve?

Dr Kouris has a holistic approach to patient care with the ultimate goal of improved wellness and optimal health. She goes beyond simple dietary coaching for the management of the presenting

She addresses all nutrition related symptoms that may involve multiple organs, nutritional insufficiencies caused by the condition/ diet/ medication/ environment. Treatment includes tailored dietary prescription and short term tailored evidence based nutritional therapy to aid in management of condition(s) and improvement of wellness.

Conditions & Sypmtoms That Can Be Treated

Prescribed diet (and supplements if needed) to help treat:
  • Gastrointestinal disorders (reflux, gastritis, ulcers, gastroparesis, irritable bowel (FODMAP diet) crohns, colitis, coeliac, constipation/diarrhoea
  • Prediabetes(hyperinsulinaemia/hypoglycaemia), diabetes, polycystic ovaries
  • High blood fats (cholesterol, triglycerides), fatty liver
  • Rehypertension/hypertension
  • Thyroid/fatigue/fibromyalgia
  • Gout, gall stones, kidney stones, kidney disease
  • Osteo/rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis
  • Cancer, immune function
  • Menstruation/PMT/fertility/migraines/mood
  • Hair, skin (acne/wrinkles/eczema/psoriasis), nails
  • Malnutrition (weight loss, cancer, eating disorders)
  • Elevated abdominal/visceral fat and 'waist' loss
  • Nutrient deficiencies, vegetarians, anaemia
Dietitian Prescribed Vitamin Supplments
  • Dr Kouris has a special interest in identifying nutritional insufficiencies as these can contribute to feelings of unwellness and development of health problems.
  • Dr Kouris is opposed to mega doses of vitamins and will always use the lowest possible dose necessary for the shortest period of time.
  • She is also opposed to long term supplementation and will educate patients on how to improve their diet to get the missing nutrients. Some patients may need long term supplementation if they are unable to improve their diet or if they have certain conditions or take certain medications.
  • If there is a nutrient insufficiency, this is best corrected quickly with a supplement taken only for a few months as it may take too long to correct with diet alone.
  • Dr Kouris also has a special interest in identifying deficiencies caused by medications
    and whether your vitamin/herbal supplements interact with your medications.
  • She is also familiar with the best supplementson the market that are good quality and well absorbed.
  • Supplements from the pharmacy or health food shop will be recommended. She may also recommend a practitioner only product which she has found to be clinically effective (she sells these at wholesale prices to avoid conflict of interest).
  • As a nutrition research fellow at Monash and Diploma in Botanic medicine, she has become familiar with the evidence behind some herbs i.e. interactions with drugs and their usefulness in helping conditions. She will liaise with the referring doctor about their use.

Cash/cheque only (EFTPOS/credit not available)
  • $0 Bulk Billing if on Enhanced Primary Care Plan (via Medicare), up to 5 visits to a dietitian are allowed on this plan in a calender year for eligible patients with chronic conditions (ask your doctor)
  • $60 per 30min for private patients (rebates by most private health insurance companies)
    All appointments 30min, except:
    1) 45 minute appointments are available for private patients who wish to have both the nutritional assessment and diet prescription in the one appointment ($90).
    2) Long term follow-up 15 min $30
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Making an Appointment

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Qualification Details

  • PhD Nutrition (Faculty Med, Monash)
  • BSc (Biochem) (Melb)
  • Hons (Nutrition) (Deakin)
  • Grad Dip Diet (Deakin)
  • Dip Botanic Med (Newcastle)

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