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Feb 2008

Assoc. Prof. Antigone Kouris

Phone 03 9483 7099
Address Suite 22 (street level)
488 Neerim Rd
Murrumbeena VIC 3163
Servicing Areas Murrumbeena, Beaumaris & Bayside and surrounding areas
Fax 03 9515 4520
For All Of Your Professional Weight Loss & Nutritional Services In The Greater Murrumbeena Area, You Can't Go Past Dr Antigone Kouris.

Assoc. Prof. Antigone Kouris - Nutriton & Weight Loss


Dr Kouris has contributed to 5 university text books. She has authored a chapter on the dietary management of overweight and obesity in the text book “Food and Nutrition” edited by Professor Mark Wahlqvist published in 2011.

In this chapter she reviews the research regarding various weight loss diets, including the use of meal replacements. The research suggests that complete meal replacements (VLEDs) (where all meals are replaced with formulated shakes/bars/soups) and partial meal replacements (where one to two meals a day are replaced with formulated shakes/bars/soups) are safe and effective in both the short and long term often resulting in improvements in blood glucose and insulin levels and cholesterol and blood pressure.

They also provide a higher intake of nutrients than achieved on diet alone and can result in greater weight loss (9-10% of body weight) than weight loss achieved on diet alone (6-8% of body weight). For these reasons Dr Kouris is happy to use clinically trialled meal replacements with her patients (e.g Optifast or Cambridge), especially at the beginning to kick start some weight loss to help with motivation.


Nutritional consultations include:

1. Assessment of your nutritional status
  • Nutritional adequacy of your diet:using a combination of dietary history, clinical symptoms, nutritional biochemistry/blood tests. If your diet is lacking any nutrients, a combination of diet and short term supplementation will be recommended to correct these.
  • Medications: their effects on your nutritional status (e.g blocking absorption of nutrients)
  • Supplements: vitamins/herbs and interactions with your medications
2. Medical Nutrition Therapy of following conditions:
(prescribed diet and short term supplementation if needed)
  • gastrointestinal disorders (reflux/indigestion, gastritis, ulcers, gastroparesis, irritable bowel (FODMAP diet), crohns, colitis, coeliac, constipation/ diarrhoea
  • Prediabetes(hyperinsulinaemia/hypoglycaemia), diabetes, polycystic ovaries
  • High blood fats (cholesterol, triglycerides)
  • Fatty liver
  • Prehypertension/ hypertension
  • Thyroid/fatigue/fibromyalgia
  • Gout, gall stones, kidney stones, kidney disease
  • Osteo/rheumatoid arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Cancer, immune function
  • Menstruation/PMT/thrush/fertility
  • Migraines/mood/depression/stress/anxiety/insomnia
  • Hair, skin (acne/wrinkles/eczema/psoriasis), nails
  • Malnutrition (weight loss, cancer, eating disorders)
  • Healthy aging
  • Drug nutrient-herb interactions
  • Overweight and Obesity and 'waist' loss*
3. Vitamin Supplements:
  • Dr Kouris has a special interest in identifying nutritional insufficiencies as these can contribute to feelings of unwellness and development of health problems.
  • In general, multivitamins are not commonly used. Instead, short term nutritional therapy may involve the use of specialised nutritional products that target specific organs (e.g bowel) or metabolic functions (e.g insulin action).


Blood/urine tests can detect deficiencies like iron, B12, folate, zinc, iodine, selenium, vitamin A and D (other nutrients are either expensive to test or inaccurate like magnesium, chromium, omega 3 fats, B1, B6, vitamin E, CoQ10).

Dr Kouris looks for symptoms of insufficiencies (e.g tongue,nails, eyes, hair, skin, fatigue, brain fog, bowel problems, muscle pain, PMT etc) which will be cross-checked against the nutritional adequacy of the diet. As a result, she may recommend further blood tests be performed via the GP.


Download our brochure here
  • $60/30 mins for private patients: (rebates from private health insurance available for dietetics for policies with "extras").
  • First appointment: assessment only (30min). If you wish to have diet prescription as well you will need a 45min appointment ($90).
  • Short follow up appointments also available (15min, $30).
$0 Bulk bills Medicare for patients on Enhanced Primary Care Plans (ask your GP - you need to have a chronic health condition to be eligible).
Working hours: Weekdays and Saturdays available.
Please FAX CARE PLANS prior to appointments to: Fax: 95154544

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!

Qualification Details

  • PhD Nutrition (Faculty Med, Monash)
  • BSc (Biochem) (Melb)
  • Hons (Nutrition) (Deakin)
  • Grad Dip Diet (Deakin)
  • Dip Botanic Med (Newcastle)

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