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Welcome to Antony Shieff Personal Training

I've long been an advocate of living a healthy life but understand that staying fit and healthy needs to fit in with busy lives and also be personalised to you.

Gone are the days of the gym being the only place to achieve your fitness goals.

My qualifications and experience help me to instruct many styles of fitness training always focussed completely on your goals.

Options include one to one, pairs, small and large groups and remote fitness coaching.

The health and fitness industry provides many different ways to get fit and stay in shape. Many fads come and go but what remains is the proven technique of regular exercise that you are committed to and that is personalised to your goals whatever they may be.

About Me

I'm a highly qualified personal trainer with many years of experience helping people achieve their personal body goals. The first step is always the hardest - so best get in touch now before you change your mind ! 


As an experienced personal trainer I appreciate that everyone's goals are as individual as them. Along with that I know that everyone's progress is also very different. Therefore every program and group activity is also different. You can therefore choose from whatever works for you ; small or large group sessions, personal one-to-one, building muscle and tone, losing weight or simply reshaping. I train at times convenient to you for those early risers and late finishers. Check out the latest classes on Facebook too.

So why not start the journey - send that email, make that phone call. Let's get going. I'll be with you every step of the way.​


Get a personalised one to one training plan and train with me regularly every week and your results will be remarkable.


Whether its a couple of people, small group or large bootcamp, find your place in the progress towards a fitter healthier life. Friends and workplaces are great ready-made motivational groups too.


This unique program from Antony Shieff Personal Training gives you a tailoured plan to help you achieve goals prepared to a personal music track to keep you motivated.


If you have a deadline in mind , then my 8-week challenge is the perfect solution. We will meet and cover where you need to be and then design a program to get you there. You need to be comitted and dedicated and this program is not for wimps. Go big or go home.


So you've just done something amazing and I know you are busy with all the challenges of parenthood but keeping yourself in shape will have a major contribution to feeling back in control. So why not give me 30 minutes to design you a program tailoured to your needs and something you can do at home. As an extra boost, your program also comes with a personal soundtrack to keep you motivated.

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