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About Alan
Member since
Jun 2007

Alan Patching and Assoc Pty Ltd

Contact Name Alan Patching
Mobile 0438 394 045
Address Southport QLD 4217
Servicing Areas Southport, Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise, Brisbane, Queensland and Northern New South Wales
Change Your Mind and Lead Your Life

About Hypno-Psych Solutions

Looking for a natural way to improve your health & wellbeing?
Want professional help to overcome a weight or addiction issue?
Ready to fall pregnant but need a little help?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then a professional Psychotherapy, Counselling or Hypnotherapy session at Hypno-Psych Solutions is perfect for you. From helping Women to have a more stress-free birth to providing a range of professional Counselling and Psychotherapy treatments, if you're looking for a natural way to improve your health & wellbeing then Alan is the one to call.

Gentle, effective and safe for both Men & Women of all ages to use, why would't you give Alan a call today or visit the Website to find out the benefits that one of these alternative treatments can bring to your health & wellbeing.

Services On Offer
  • Psychotherapy
  • Counselling
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Women's Health services
  • Hypnobirthing
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Weight Loss Hypnotherapy
  • Natural Fertility Management
Call Alan on 0438 394 040 to organise your next Psychotherapy, Counselling or Hypnotherapy session.

Why Should You Come & See Alan?

Hypno-Psych Solutions proudly provides professional hypnosis, clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, counselling, and Neuro Linguistic Programming services to the Gold Coast and surrounding regions of Queensland and Northern N.S.W. (Brisbane is only 55 mins away when traffic is light and on average - about 67 mins).

From helping to increase an individuals fertility to offering a range of weight loss and addiction hypnotherapy sessions, our therapist can use his techniques to bring your health & wellbeing back to its best - naturally. Click here to find out more about what a Psychotherapy, Counselling or Hypnotherapy session can bring to your health & wellbeing.

About Me - Alan Patching

Alan provides you with the following practical experience and qualifications:

He knows the real world, because he has established and run several businesses and has also been the CEO of a significant publicly listed entity, so you can rest assured that, if youíre dealing with a career or work related issue, you are not going to be served up irrelevant and theoretical psycho-babble.

He knows how to solve problems practically - before going into full time practice, he was the Project Director responsible for managing the design, construction and pre-Olympic operations of the Sydney Olympic Stadium - and he has managed billions of dollars of other projects as well - so whether you seek business or personal life related assistance, heís well qualified to give you the appropriate counselling.

He knows about leadership (and how you can change the way you self-lead your life)- heís delivered presentations on the topic over many years for numerous leading organisations around the world - he was even personally invited by the Royal Court of one country to present for its King and its Ministers - so you can expect highly respected cutting edge information.

He is an adjunct professor at Bond University.

To find out more about Alan, just click here or give him a call to talk to him instantly.


"In the past I have spent a small fortune on psychiatrist consultations trying to deal with an intense fear of dogs that Iíd had for years. Alan Patching identified the cause with hypno-regression and worked with me using some very interesting NLP and EFT techniques, and I was playing with my friendís dog after just one session! In the past she has had to lock the animal up before I would even enter the house." - Marya , Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

"We were expecting the doctor to tell us my husband was ready to have his skin graft. However, after working with Alan Patching for just one hypnotherapy session, Tomís badly injured arm had healed so much the skin graft was no longer necessary. The recovery was nothing short of amazing."
- Carole, Batemanís Bay (Australia)

"I am brilliant. I cannot get over the change. I had to use the technique once and it worked! I blushed a little, but I did not get hot and panicky and I regained normal skin colour in no time."
- Helena, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

"Having lived with a deep seated fear of spiders for as long as I could remember, I cannot begin to express the sheer relief, joy and freedom I now experience after a chance encounter with NLP. My chance conversation with Alan Patching, and the ensuing NLP session with him, was to change my life forever. The liberation from fear gave me a permanent grin for the rest of the day, together with an added air of confidence. I was no longer terrified of spiders!"
- Emma, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

"The personality of the facilitator (Alan P) was fantastic Ė full of life and had interesting examples and exercises. Never a dull moment."
- Contracts and Marketing Coordinator, WorleyParsons (Australia)

HEALTH FUND REBATES AVAILABLE - call us to find out more

For more information about any of the professional Counselling, Psychotherapy or Hypnotherapy services that are available or to book in your next appointment with Alan, just give him a call or send him a message instantly by clicking on the 'Make an Enquiry' button below.

Qualification Details

  • Certificate in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Board Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Certified HypnoBeginning Practitioner (birthing)
  • Certified HypnoBirthing Fertility Therapist
  • Certificate in Parts Therapy
  • Certificate in Advanced Hypnotherapy-Ericksonian
  • Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner
  • Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Licensed Trainer of NLP (Society of NLP)
  • Master Trainer of HypnoBeginning birthing program
  • Fellow of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors
  • Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management
  • Adjunct Professor at University of Technology Sydney (Faculty of Built Environment)


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