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Massage in Water


Welcome to Massage in Water

Imagine yourself floating in a warm pool – your whole being relaxes! You surrender into a gently yoga-like stretches. Gravity free, your spine, joints and muscles are freed in a way, unique only to water.If you choose to be guided underwater your weightless body allows for graceful, fluid ribbon-like-dance movements, freeing the body, nurturing the soul,opening the heart.



Watsu®, (WATer ShiatSU)

Watsu®, is an extremely gentle form of therapeutic massage conducted in warm water. Watsu® is a passive form of Yoga, Shiatsu and Hydro-therapy and combines elements of massage, joint mobilization,  muscle stretching and dance.

Watsu® is used around the world by professional body workers, physical therapists and psychologists, in aquatic physiotherapy programs and at International Spas.

Watsu® helps increase motion range and has profound effects on the neuro-muscular system. It also soothes the Sympathetic and enhances the Parasympathetic Nervous Systems.

While being floated, cradled, rocked and stretched, a range of emotions can arise and be released into the process of continuous flow.

Watsu® quietens the mind, relaxes the body and opens the heart.You leave a session able to face life out of the water, reprogrammed, with greater equanimity and flexibility.

Aqua Body Works

Unlike WATSU, in a Aqua Body Works session, you can be submerged under the water. This gives you a three dimensional experience that can feel similar to flying.

Being engaged in the magical flow of an under water dance.

Aqua Bodyworks is a collection of techniques. Warm water supports you while a facilitator moves your body. Folding, unfolding and stretching it.

Aqua Bodyworks with its folding-unfolding, swinging, waving and rotating movements entices you into a new realm of consciousness.

Healing Dance

The essence of Healing Dance is flow, freedom and lightness.Healing Dance is based on the healing power of movement. The practitioner establishes an empathetic connection with the receiver and is trained to mirror any incipient kinetic impulses. Like an orchestra conductor, he or she establishes a rhythmic field at the beginning of the session through breath, movement and state of mind.

The practitioner ‘dances’ the receiver, who has an experience of grace and beauty, sometimes leading to deeper emotional releases.

Who it is for? Healing Dance is for everyone.

For dancers – Healing Dance is for those who love water and stretching, who wish to experience beauty, grace and surrender to the power of movement.

More than any other aquatic technique the Dance brings the experience of physical freedom.

For the athlete, martial artist, swimmer and for handicapped people who are unable to stand or walk, the movements of Healing Dance are a delight. They offer an invitation to playfully participate by allowing their own movement impulses expression.

For those with back problems – Healing Dance’s waves with the receiver lying on her side are beneficially disorienting and excellent for releasing holding patterns of a psychological origin. These waves, with the multiple joint mobilization they offer, are good for spinal problems; receivers often report that their backs feel much better following a session.


WaterDance (or “Wassertanzen” in German) is a form of Hydrotherapy performed in body temperature water in which the receiver is eventually guided through various movements underwater while wearing a noseclip. The noseclip is necessary to prevent water from entering the nose and allows the practitioner to take the client on a profound underwater journey: one of graceful, fluid motion, weightlessness, time suspension, and altered realities of movement. Light is dimmed, sounds are muffled and gravity becomes a syrupy slow motion dance of submergence and emergence, waves, twists and rolls.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy brings with it a variety of side effects, some less pleasant than others. All pregnant women can expect to experience at least a little stiffness and muscular tension during their pregnancy as their uterus expands to accommodate their growing baby. Fortunately there is a simple and effective way to not only treat some of the side effects of pregnancy but also leave you feeling great.

Benefits of a Pregnancy-Massage-in-Water therapy session include:


    • Tranquil relaxation and reduce stress.


    • Relief from muscle cramps, spasms, and myofascial pain, especially in the lower back, neck, hips, and legs.


    • Increase in blood and lymph circulation, which can reduce swelling.


    • Reduces stress on weight-bearing joints.


    • Improves outcome of labor and eases labor pain.


    • Enhances the pliability of skin and underlying tissues.


    • Provides support for the new mother with physical and emotional strains of mothering.


    • Beneficial for relaxing anxiety during pregnancy.


    • Pregnancy-Massage-in-Water can help promote more restful sleep and help prevent pregnancy related insomnia.


    • Pregnancy-Massage-in-Water may relax your baby, particularly if you have your abdomen gently stroked.


    • Connecting deeply with the baby while moving in the warm water as if being in the womb.

Aquatic Prenatal Journey

Aquatic Prenatal Regression sessions focus on healing pre-birth trauma. Most people are walking around with thoughts and behavior patterns that are directly related to their birth experience. Or even earlier events, like conception and implantation stages.

Through posture and movement Masta recreates our earliest developmental stages – from conception to birth – inviting clients to re-experience the nurturing and blissful warmth of the womb.

Difficulties that might have arisen during conception, implantation, development and birthing can be resolved energetically and psychologically. So can disturbances in early development, during the first couple of months as a baby.

Cellular memory can be rewritten using these techniques.

Aqua Contact Improvisation

AQUA Contact Improv. a fun & relaxing journey.
Dancing weightless, fly, float, flip, push, pull, spin
Supported by warm water
Solo or in contact with a dance-partner.


Hypnosis is a state of mind of heightened suggestibility. The greatest benefits of this state are that it allows us to access our infinite resources that lie hidden in the deepest depths of our minds and to create any desired change in our lives.

We all experience this state on a daily basis while daydreaming, watching TV, reading a book, making love, dancing, exercising, listening to music or while we are engaged in some routine activities that leave our imagination free to wonder.

All of us enter this state of heightened suggestibility every night just before we fall asleep and every morning before we are fully awake.


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