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Aquatic Physiotherapy
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Aqua-Moves Aquatic Physiotherapy

Lisa Gilkes

Palm Beach Aquatic Centre & Hydrotherapy Pool
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Servicing area: Palm Beach, Queensland

Aqua-Moves Aquatic Physiotherapy
Aqua Moves offers one-on-one and group hydrotherapy sessions at Palm Beach on the Gold Coast.

Aqua Moves - Aquatic Physiotherapy


Our individual hydrotherapy sessions begin with an initial consultation at the Palm Beach hydrotherapy pool. Your first consultation will take an hour and subsequent consultations will be half an hour.

We screen all of our clients to make sure they're safe to exercise in a hydrotherapy pool.

Your assessment will take place on land and in the water and we take you through a range of appropriate exercises. We stay in the water with you at all times. We will develop an individually tailored program for you, which will evolve and be reviewed when needed. We take the time necessary to make sure you are confident and safe to attend the pool independently.


Our group hydrotherapy sessions begin with a preliminary half-hour consultation at the Palm Beach hydrotherapy pool, we do this to make sure you're safe to attend our classes and that it will be appropriate for you.

Fibromyalgia Classes

Aqua Moves' Fibromyalgia classes offers an innovative way of moving in water. We use slow, gentle movements that are designed to be a catalyst for the brain's capacity to alter its response to movement (its neuroplasticity). Aqua Moves' approach soothes the nervous system, lowers pain and empowers the individual to move with greater ease. We focus on your ability as opposed to disability and you will be empowered to create and maintain change for the long term.

Shoulder Classes

The path to being able to move your shoulder well is not confined to strength and stability stretches and exercises. Aqua Moves' approach to rehabilitation is centred in the belief that addressing movement patterning is imperative. Our Shoulder Classes take you through a series of movement lessons that will assist in clarifying the essential links in your kinetic chain, offering easier movement and making your strength and stability exercises more effective.

Hip and Knee Classes

Knee and hip conditions are commonly associated with alignment and stability issues. The way that you move influences the recovery process and any on-going pain. We will take you through a series of movement lessons designed to clarify connections in the body and shine a light on any alignment and stability issues that may be present. This will lead to strength and stability exercises making more sense and becoming more effective.

Back Classes

Aqua Moves' Back Classes will give you enhanced awareness of your posture and stability. You will learn about how your spine moves in relation to your arms and legs and its alignment. These classes will teach you how to move with your whole body in an integrated way, activate core muscles, and enhance your ability to stabilise and move safely.


When we move in warm water, the body is unloaded and supported, relieving stress on joints, reducing pain and allowing ease of movement.
A range of movements that are not possible on land are able to be explored.
The hydrostatic pressure of the water reduces swelling in limbs
The resistance experienced in water is excellent for strengthening, stability and fitness work.

Do you have questions about how one-on-one or group hydrotherapy classes with Aqua Moves? Call us, or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button below and we will be in touch.

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