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Kathie Strmota

LoveLight Co-Creative HealthCare

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Holistic Health, Spiritual Balance & Practical Change: health consults, counseling, energy healing, empowering workshops & training courses, e-books & healing products

LoveLight Co-Creative HealthCare

Servicing area

In-person Blackwood Vic. Distant via phone or skype.

Focus areas

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practical, gentle change

The work I do with you is all about creating change in your physical health or emotional state, in your energy field, or in your current life circumstances.
My desire is to see you brimming with physical vitality and creating a life which makes your heart sing.

Whether your goal is to heal from a chronic illness, change your career, or simply feel better about yourself, your success depends on finding a practical and manageable way to move forward.
This is where I can help you.
Together, well create a plan for healing & change which suits your particular situation, considers your personal lifestyle and needs, and combines (as appropriate) natural medicines & nutrition, emotional support & intuitive counseling, energy healing, lifestyle changes, and self-management techniques.

My approach is to help you set manageable goals for gradual, permanent improvement.
As you move forward, in big or little steps, Ill support you in revising your goals and directions according to your particular circumstances and readiness.

My attitude is unconditional. I recognise that your life is a journey and you are always in charge of the directions you choose to take.
My role is to provide you with information, guidance, and options for treatment & change, based on my understanding and experience. You are free to choose how to apply that information, and I will respect and support your choices.
My purpose is to empower you, as you heal your body & life, to create the changes you desire.

Treat health problems & chronic disease
Increase energy & vitality
Reduce stress & anxiety patterns
Release limiting beliefs & self-defeating behaviours
Heal emotional pain
Improve self-esteem, mood & perceptions
Balance energy field, aura & chakra function
Create life goals and achieve them
Expand your spiritual being and re-connect with deeper purpose.



In-person sessions in Blackwood Vic & Distant sessions via phone or video skype

> health consults & treatment plans
> counseling sessions & change plans
> energy healing sessions
> training courses & empowering workshops
> one-to-one personal training & instruction sessions

Visit www.aquarianblessings.com for full details of available Services, or contact me directly.



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Beautiful Life
> a practical guide to creating a more lovely and empowered life
> learn how your perceptions define your experience of life and how you can re-define your reality

Create Successful Change
> guidance for navigating changes in life
> create and achieve goals for positive inner & outer change

Co-Creative Spirit Support
> discover the supportive qualities of light beings (angels, ascended masters, animal spirit, etc)
> learn how to connect with spiritual consciousness for support, comfort, guidance and direction


Qualifications & Experience

Diploma of Herbal Medicine [Health Sciences, Anatomy & Physiology, Herbal Medicine, Essences, Nutrition, Iridology]
Certificate Bach Flower Remedies
Diploma of Integrated Healing
Certificate level 5 Kinergetics
Certificate level 2 Cyberkinetics
Certificate Advanced Healing with Energies
Certificate level 2 Medical Intuitive
Certificate Angel Intuitive
Certificate Past Life Regression
Chikara-Reiki-Do Certificate Tibetan & Usui Reiki

professional natural health practice since 2001
flower essences practitioner since 1994
co-creative energy work since 2004
teaching courses for health and personal-spiritual growth since 2007

consulting, research & development of formulations for the Seven Paws range of nutritional supplements for dogs 2007

Accredited Member ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society)

Ambulance Victoria First Responder (Blackwood CERT, emergency First Aid) Volunteer since 2012

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