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Arcadia Health Centre

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Residential and Outpatient Clinic

Arcadia Health Centre

Welcome to Arcadia Health Centre

Arcadia Health Centre has been in continuous operation since 1961. Over the 40 years, thousands of people from the five continents, who have been sick and tired of being tired and sick, have experienced the unique and personal care available at the Centre.

The Centre is peacefully located in the Hills District within the environs of Sydney providing an excellent environment for the effective and optimal application of the requirements of health.

The resident professional staff at the Centre are licensed practitioners.

Our procedures include, fasting, diet, activity, rest, environment, psychological and emotional influences, and are designed to remove the known and obvious causes of disease and provide the person with the requisites of health. These are applied to meet the specific needs of the individual.

Fasting & Rest

One of the procedures we employ is fasting. Our professional and experienced staff are certified by the International Association of Hygienic Physicians, Ohio, USA, to supervise fasting.

Therapeutic fasting, total physical and mental rest, properly supervised in a conducive environment, allows the body to make radical biochemical changes that are an important first step in improving health. This allows the body’s self healing properties to proceed towards normalisation of function. This may be reflected in such parameters as weight, pulse, blood pressure and circulation and also in the normalisation of important biomarkers such as blood glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, liver enzymes and, more importantly, the changes in the individual signs and symptoms presented by the patient.

Fasting not only allows the body to heal itself more efficiently but it also contributes to positive rejuvenation that is not attainable through other means.

Health Recovery

Healing is a biological process. This means that healing is something your body does for itself. For this to occur, two things are necessary:

1) The removal of the causes. Causes are multiple: Faulty diet, inadequate activity, unhealthful habits, physical and psychological excesses (stress), biomechanical factors and other aspects of lifestyle which influence our well-being and

2) The provision of the requirements of health: food, clean air, fresh water, sunlight, rest and sleep, housing, ventilation, wholesome mental, emotional and spiritual influences, etc. Our aim at this Centre is to achieve these objectives by the application of our procedures carefully and specifically applied to the individual. Some of our clients use the facilities at the Centre for prevention. They avail themselves of our unique health maintenance program that applies the numerous procedures to not only improve health but to preserve it.

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