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Aromatica Clinic

Aromatica Clinic

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Modern Herbal Medicine and Natural Therapies to support you through all stages of your life.

Aromatica Clinic

Servicing area

Annandale (Enter via Piper lane), New South Wales

Focus areas

Pregnancy support Essential oils Stress management Natural medicine Lifestyle Wellness

Welcome to Aromatica Clinic

Modern Herbal Medicine and Natural Therapies to support you through all stages of your life.

At Aromatica Clinic, we practice preventive natural medicine as well as provide holistic health care.

Founded in 2003, Aromatica Clinic has provided remedial massage, aromatherapy massage and reflexology to Sydney's Inner West. It has since expanded to provide Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Medicine to our patients.

Modern herbalism integrates scientific validation with traditional applications. Plants have been used for millenia in the treatment of mans physical and mental ailments. Modern analysis has proven the effectiveness of plant compounds found in herbal medicines in the treatment of many common ailments as well as more complex health disorders.

Your lifestyle has its stresses and demands. You can help your body to resist illness by maintaining optimum nutritional status, managing stress and getting quality care.

We care about your health and encourage you to consider your physical and mental self as a whole. You can do this by adopting good eating strategies, getting regular massage, improving your immunity, managing stress and getting treatment for your ‘weak areas’.

Our commitment to quality health care is evidenced in every aspect of our business. We employ qualified practitioners who are constantly updating their skills. Our essential oils are only practitioner quality and handmade herbal remedies are without additives. Herbal medicines and supplements are selected for efficacy and purity.

We invite you to visit Aromatica Clinic and reclaim your health and vitality.

Our Services

  • Aromatherapy

  • Herbal Medicine

  • Iridology

  • Nutrition

  • Pregnancy massage

  • Remedial massage

  • Relaxation massage

  • Reflexology

  • Weight Loss

  • Wellness Programs
  • Treatments

    For general well-being to specific health complaints, we co-ordinate a treatment specific to your condition.

    Natural medicine offers you alternative treatment options for any health issues.

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