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Art Therapy is about the process of accessing your authentic creative energy and expression.

Art Therapist

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What is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy is about the process of accessing your authentic creative energy and expression.

The art making process kinesthetically allows us to tap into our true emotions and viewpoint through the use of movement, colour, texture and symbol.

Therapeutic art processes are introduced during a session where by the art work becomes a focal point which opens dialogue between the therapist and the client to connect with.

Art therapy accesses deep self-realizations and promotes personal empowerment and growth.

What to expect from Art Therapy

Art Therapy is an expressive and enriching experience, a client-centered process using mediums such as; paint, crayons clay, music, movement, story, visualization and dance. One does not need to be an artist or have artistic talent to embark on this creative journey. The art making process is what is important not the aesthetic appearance of the finished art work.

“It took me a lifetime to paint like a child” Pablo Picasso

One can expect to gain deeper self-awareness, greater authenticity, personal expression and growth.

“Experiences involving an expansion or extension of consciousness beyond the usual ego boundaries and beyond the limitations of time and/or space.” Stanislav Grof

About Jennifer Alexander

Jennifer has been making art from an early age; finding that being absorbed in creative processes became a healing practice through difficult times in her life.

“Drawing and painting is a meditative practice; art making has been a journey of self -discovery, acceptance and understanding. A realization I wish to share with others"

Jennifer is a fully qualified Art Therapist working in the community services sector and in private practice. Recieving her training and qualifications as an Art Therapist with the Phoenix Institute / College of Complementary Medicine; Jennifer has obtained the counselling skills and knowledge essential for art therapy practice including: working individually with adults and children, working with groups, life transformation, grief, loss, risk management, life transitions and case management.

Jennifer studied at the University of Western Sydney in The BA Visual Art program. Commencing in 1993; where she was involved in collaborating with community youth projects such as "discoveries".

Qualified as an ABA therapist with Momentum Jennifer works with families as part of an applied behavioral program, working intensively with children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders
as well as providing Inclusion support services for children in their place of education.

Jennifer also embraces the principles and elements as a qualified Interior Designer to assist clients in creating a supportive environment to nurture their individual process.

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