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The Art of Movement

The Art of Movement

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Welcome to The Art of Movement. We specialise in Structural Integration (the Rolf Method) and the GYROTONIC Method of movement to get the body moving, balanced, aligned, fluid and easeful. We specialise in Ayurveda to help balance the mind and the inner workings of the body.

The Art of Movement

Structural Integration (the Rolf Method) works directly on the fascial system. The fascia is connective tissue, a physical system which connects the nervous system through all levels of the body from the muscles down to each and every cells. Together with movement training this fascial release system aligns, opens and creates space for movement. 

The GYROTONIC® Method of movement enhances the fluidity of the body and mind. It helps strenghten and lubricate the joints, muscles and fascia.  It helps us gain freedom on multiple levels while allowing us to access our bodies on a new level whether we are beginners or highly skilled athletes. 

Ayurvedic Life & Wellness Coaching aims to help clients uncover learn to experience optimal mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Yoga tune-up guides yoga students to enhance and improve their practice. We also provide daily functional movement advice which improves posture, movement and comfort in the body. 

Qualification details

Certified Structural Integration Practitioner
Certified Gyrotonic Method Trainer
Diploma in Ayurveda Life and Diet Consultation
Movement Educator

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