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Mental health Child development Pregnancy support Infections Functional medicine Fitness

It can be challenging to implement dietary changes, follow through with specialised therapies and maintain this consistently. Everyday, we are faced with setbacks that can potentially deflate us and kill our momentum. 

Our goal is to cultivate a continual state of inspiration, as this truly is the foundation for heightened productivity, clarity in decision-making and even outer success.

By allowing the obstacles we face to ‘win’, we settle for a life that is far beneath our true health potential. 

Meet Rhonda

Rhonda Muller - Founder/Owner of ASD Healthy Life
Diploma Holistic Health and Nutrition (Institute of Integrative Nutrition)
MINDD Practitioner | Certified BioIndividual Nutrition Practitioner
Medical Academy of Paediatric Special Needs (MAPS)

Rhonda’s commitment to supporting families arose after her children and her own health was failing.  There were many underlying health & development conditions... Asthma, eczema, seizure, anxety, food & chemical sensitivities, constant ear, nose & throat infections, digestive issues plus so much more!!  With a combination of diet, nutritional medicine, behavioural, main stream and natural therapies, the health & development of the whole family have increased 10 fold.

Rhonda is a Professional with first hand experience. She's been where you are now. Rhonda’s passion is to provide ongoing support and education to parents on how to naturally recover the health of not only your children but you too.


About Us

ASD Healthy Life is your first point of contact, providing support, functional medicine and nutritional therapy.  We also offer nutrition plans for the individual whilst helping families navigate the health system by sourcing the right health professionals, funding etc for their particular needs.

Health & Wellness Solutions


    • Childhood Health & Development


    • Women's Health & Pregnancy


    • Men's health & Fitness


    • Autoimmune & Mental Health

We pride ourselves in working with the best Professionals for your particular needs.  Working along side Specialised GP's, Paediatricians etc to ensure easy transition of information.  

Our services include:


    • Nutrition


    • Functional Medicine


    • Allergy Friendly Foods & Products


    • Supplements


    • Shopping Tours


    • Seminars


    • E-Books


How Can We Help

To effectively assist families to regain their health, ASD Healthy Life uses an 
integrated approach. 

There are three primary components in this approach:


    • Dietary modification


    • Nutritional supplementation


    • Detoxification

We use neuro-developmental therapy to improve particular neurological issues, such as sensory integration, auditory processing, visual processing, fine and gross motor skills and more. 

ASD Healthy Life collaborates with practitioners, allied therapists, service providers and suppliers to address inflammation, nutritional deficiencies, immune and digestive dysfunction.

Simply put, ASD Healthy life will put you in touch with the right professionals best suited to help you manage your particular needs.


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