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Relationship Healing Accelerator

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***Due to demand our appointments are available with ~14 days notice.*** Rapidly Heal Your Emotional Struggles & Attract Healthy Relationships.

Relationship Healing Accelerator

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Family health Self-development Emotional wellbeing Trauma release Release toxic relationships Self love

"Wait — It Was That Easy?"

Rapidly Heal Your Heart & Attract Healthy Relationships With Quantum Attraction Healing.

We Use Cutting Edge Methods for Accelerated healing of...

  • Anxiety
  • Breakups
  • Jealousy
  • Self-worth
  • Anger
  • Infidelity
  • Sexuality
  • Abuse
  • Trauma

***If you don't feel TRANSFORMED in the days following your 1st session, you get your money back***

Here's how to get rapid relief from your relationship suffering, guaranteed. Even if you've been in therapy for 20 years...

Does this internal dialogue sound familiar?

"I'm not good enough."
"I feel worse than anyone knows."
"If anyone knew the real me, they wouldn’t like me."

I know these thoughts well. This was my mental baseline growing up, and it created an anxiety and non-existent self-esteem that made it borderline impossible to connect with anyone. Not just romantically, but with friendships — and even with my immediate family.

For 25 years, everywhere I went I felt like an outcast. Like I had to put up a facade because I wouldn't be loved or accepted for who I really am...

It never felt safe to just "be ME."

And it was when I started to deep dive into emotional healing that I began to understand not only why I was like this, but how I could resolve it.

Our self-worth and how we perceive and respond to the world are mostly created in childhood, from birth to about age 7. The traumas we face in that time are particularly formative, because as children we're incredibly fragile, physically and mentally. We're meaning-making machines! And we're just trying to make sense of everything and connect dots.

BUT most of us hear trauma and think "I didn't experience anything traumatic as a kid!"

Sadly, this isn't entirely accurate...

You might not have experienced an overt trauma, like abuse, but for you to be having a strong negative internal dialogue (that you've probably had for many years, right?) you will have experienced smaller traumas. Things that were incredibly emotionally distressing for a small child. Even things as simple as being ignored by a parent, which to a small child can mean...

"They're withholding love. Therefore they don't love me. Therefore I'm not WORTHY of love!"

Beliefs are formed because you attach MEANING to an event. And as children we're particularly susceptible to attaching negative meanings to events. This is what I mean by being emotionally fragile as children...

And if we don't consciously rewrite our negative beliefs we carry them into adulthood. Sometimes they lay completely dormant and we're unaware of them until something happens in our lives that triggers them and brings them to the surface.

And relationships are amazingly useful for doing just that.

Breakups. Divorce. Infidelity. Fights. Sexual shaming. Breach of boundaries (or even being made to feel like you're not allowed to have boundaries)! These are all situations that can breed fear, anxiety, resentment, jealousy, anger, guilt and shame. 

Isn't this GREAT!? That your relationship experiences are going to keep bringing up your trauma and that you get to work on them forever!? How lucky are you!

"Yeah, no..." 

Don't worry! These challenges are showing up in your life so they can be healed and resolved — permanently. But only IF you are able to find the core belief that underlies your emotional pain, dig it up, and excavate it from your subconscious so that it never bothers you, ever again!

And you can only do this through a formal emotional release process. One that effortlessly cleanses you mentally, emotionally, subconsciously, superconsciously and energetically. One that can be instantly measured with before and after data.

Now I know what you're thinking...

"Rapid emotional healing? Actually getting FREE from my pain and suffering? Sounds like the stuff of fairytales..."

But you see miracles are really only miracles until they’re commonplace. Seriously, this stuff is so juicy and powerful it should be kept in The Restricted Section at Hogwarts…

And If You've Come to This Page, You Could Probably Do With A Little Magic, Right?

Clients that work with me quickly experience and learn…

? The paradoxical mentality that makes healing a cinch.

? The secret “pose” that pulls trauma out of your mind and body.

? The biggest relapse trap that 99% of healers don’t know about.

? The 30-second self-love activator method.

? The #1 way your psychologist (accidentally) keeps you stuck.

? How to become the hunter and make your pain run from you.

? The hidden emergency switches to turn on your body’s emotional detox system.

? How to create emotional “slingshot” points that set joy as your baseline.

? The two things you have to confront in order to become free.

? The quantum re-write effect that dissolves fear and distrust.

? How to access the superconscious to transform strength to suffering.

? The holistic “completion” method that closes the trauma chapter of your story.

? The intuitive data system that measures your healing progress instantly.

? How to switch your demons for angels (without lying to yourself).

After only a single session you will be...

  • Better able to set and enforce boundaries, and people will respect them.
  • Oozing self-confidence and high-value and magnetically attract high-value people into your life.
  • Much more in tune with your intuition, your higher self, and your manifestational potential.
  • Quick to bounce back with ease after any breakup or fight.
  • Radiating happiness day to day and finding it easier to forge deep and meaningful connections.

Client Stories

"Having worked with Ashford has been profound, and transformative — both physically and emotionally... It's like we were able to let out years worth of tightly-wound stress, anxiety and frustration in one go — like letting the air out of a balloon... If you are looking to resolve something 'unsolvable' like I was, I would absolutely recommend working with Ashford."
—Bryce, Richmond VIC.

"I now have a blueprint for setting my energy free, and moving closer and closer to my true self... Ashford has shown me how to be truly aware of myself, and given me the tools needed to work with and heal my emotions."
—Dylan, Melbourne VIC.

Here's how to start healing:

1. Text or call the number at the top of this page. If I'm not available I'll respond within 24 hours so we can have a proper talk about your situation and if I'm the one to help you.

2. If we're a good fit to work together we'll organise a time to do a 90-minute video call for a full healing session that'll transform you from day 1. Sometimes we go over time but I'm happy to do it if it means getting you a more powerful release!

***100% Money Back Guarantee***

I've made some pretty big promises here, and for good reason: you'll feel absolutely incredible after your first session and start to notice incredible shifts in your life.

But I'm a man of my word. So IF for whatever reason you just aren't feeling a life-changing shift after your first session...

I'll refund you 100%.

I'm here to make changes in lives, and I don't do anything half-way. If you're ready to accelerate your emotional healing and resolve your relationship woes — forever — then take the leap by contacting me on the number listed at the top of this page, right now. A new, more empowered you is on the other side.

Let's do this.


Ashford Thomas has invested tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours to master the art of relationship healing. He's spoken at numerous events including one hosted by TEDx, run self-expression and dating workshops, and works with clients around the world to rapidly transform their relationships by rebuilding their emotional foundations and ejecting life-long suffering. He wants to live in a world where everyone is their own 'therapist' and isn't at the mercy of their emotions, but the master of them, so that we can connect and love at deeper, more profound levels. Follow him on Instagram by clicking here.


  • Self-directed Healing

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