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The best workouts include the mind and spirit as well as the body... 

Aspire Wellbeing - Pilates & Yoga


The Pilates Exercises are intended to enhance muscle balance in our bodies and enhance coordination of movement. In Pilates we utilise the body as a whole unit to create lean and muscles.

Pilates aims to energise and stimulate your body and activate mental clarity. Pilates allows you to improve posture and re-align muscle imbalances.

There are numerous advantages you get from practicing Pilates including:

  • Improved stance or posture

  • Feeling taller and looking slimmer

  • Increased flexibility

  • Increased strength in a holistic manner that aids day to day activities

  • Improved core stability (fortifies and firms the stomach and increases back strength


Aspire Yoga lets you experience an increased sense of self awareness, clarity, balance throughout your daily life by giving you personal empowerment and insights.

Aspire Yoga revives the body, mind and breath and helps you balance emotionally, mentally and physically to allow you to carry out your life to its full potential. Yoga allows you to travel inwards, to become more acquainted with yourself and creates harmony and peace.

Some of the advantages of practicing Yoga are:

  • A quiet and balanced personality, body and soul

  • Expanded energy levels

  • Enhanced stamina, flexibility and strength

  • Decrease in anxiety, stress and depression

  • Clear conscious

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