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Astral Float Studio, Canberra

Sarah Tisdell
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Astral Float Studio is Canberra's first float centre - the ultimate hideaway, where you get to press 'mute' on life for an hour (or more!) of rest and relaxation.

Astral Float Studio

Floatation therapy, otherwise know as floating in a float tank/isolation tank/sensory deprivation tank.

Floatation therapy has many benefits. It helps to reduce stress and pain relief, it can also help lower blood pressure, ease symptoms of anxiety and depression and more. Floating can boost your energy levels and provide the mental clarity that you’re searching for. Plus it’ll help you pay back some of your sleep debt!

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Astral Float Studio - Canberra's first float centre

Astral Float Studio - Canberra's first float centre (5 images)

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