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Yoga Classes
Member since
Jul 2006

Atha Yoga

Contact Name Pamela Garrity
Mobile 0407 684 398
Address St. Andrew's Hall
19 Sydney Ave
Geelong VIC 3220
Servicing Areas Geelong, Torquay, Barwon Heads, Ocean Grove, Highton, Queensliff, Anglesea, Juc Juc, Western VIC
Located in Geelong East, Atha Yoga provides a variety of classes for students at all levels of ability, from Beginners to Intermediate and Gentle/Restorative.

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Atha Yoga - Classes

Atha Yoga Classes

  • Classes run in line with the school terms

Beginner to Intermediate Class

This is a 1.5 hour class incorporating Asana (postures), Shavasana (deep relaxation) and meditation practice.

This class is ideal for those who have a reasonable level of fitness.

Starting at the level of Beginners, this stream will build the basic foundation for your ongoing yoga practice. You will also enjoy the opportunity to delve into Intermediate Asana as we progress.

  • MON 4:00pm Beginners/Intermediate

  • MON 6:00pm Beginners/Intermediate

  • TUE  6.30am Beginners/Intermediate

  • TUE  6.00pm Beginners/Intermediate

  • WED 9:30am Beginners/Intermediate

  • WED 6:00pm Beginners/Intermediate

  • THUR6.30am Beginners/Intermediate

  • FRI 6.30am Beginners/Intermediate

Gentle / Restorative

This is a 1.5 hour class incorporating Asana (postures), Shavasana (deep relaxation) and meditation practice.

This class is suitable for all adult age groups, including seniors, and includes deep relaxation (Shavasana) gentle Asana, (if necessary, you may sit in a chair), Pranayama (breath awareness) and meditation. You're able to work at your own pace, if you have a medical condition, limited mobility or injury and are looking for a calm and gentle practice, this class is the one you're looking for.

  • THUR 4:15pm Gentle/Restorative

Here's what some of our clients have to say about their Atha Yoga experience:

“I always sleep well after yoga.”

“Since coming to yoga I no longer suffer from chronic neck and shoulder pain.”

“Yoga has taught me how to let things go that really don’t matter ... my mind is not as busy anymore!”

“Since starting yoga I have reduced my 1 km swim by 6 shoulders and arms are much stronger”

“I love my yoga, it is so is just for me.”

“I’ve surprised myself, I really didn’t think I would like it this much...I’m quite proud of myself.”

“I feel so much stronger...more energy.”

Some of our Yoga classes run subject to numbers, for further information please email us, call Pam at Atha Yoga or click on one of the buttons below.


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