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Athene's Holistic Wellbeing Therapies

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Athene's Holistic Wellbeing Therapies
Athene's Holistic Wellbeing Therapies offer a range of therapeutic essential oil treatments and products with Young Living Essential Oils.

Athene's Holistic Wellbeing Therapies - Essential Oils


An emotional clearing with Young Living Essential Oils can assist you to release emotional trauma and negative attitudes, increase your creativity, dissolve ancestral baggage stored in the DNA and move forward on the path to your highest potential and connect with you higher self.


Why have the ECT with Young Living Essential Oils?

  • Overcome emotional traumas and attitudes
  • Increase creativity
  • Clear negative emotions, fears and traumas
  • Dissolve baggage carried in DNA from ancestors
  • Release fear that restricts us from our Highest Potential
  • Fear should WARN us NOT control us
  • Oils release fear and set us free to support positive emotions
  • Enables us to move forward & progress on our Highest Path
  • Connects you to your Higher Self (spiritual centre)


This treatment technique uses 9 essential oils on the feet in a Tibetan Vitaflex procedure. You will experience the benefits of the oils as they work their way into the spinal column to eliminate the bacteria causing health issues which may include back pain and headaches.

The 9 oils are then "feathered" along the spinal column and massaged into the entire back, providing a powerful healing experience, reducing stress and bringing balance to the body.

Note: These are ENERGY treatments using essential oils. Only the Raindrop Technique is hands on massage.


Discover the benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils for your home. The quality of Young Living Essential Oils is second to none. I will bring a sample range of these unique and powerful oils to you - you can share with friends if you like. Essential oils have a range of uses, from their inclusion in superfoods for digestion, to topical use, inhalations, diffusers and massages.

Contact Athene or click on the 'make an enquiry' button below to book a complimentary Essential Oil Playshop and discover the benefits essential oils can bring to you and your family.

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Qualification Details

  • Diploma Holistic Healing 1998
  • Diploma Esoteric Aromatherapy 1999
  • A.I. Accredited by Doreen Virtue 2004
  • Reiki Mastership

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