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Kate Smyth

1st Floor
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Athlete Sanctuary Pty Ltd

Fire on all cylinders. The Athlete Sanctuary is a haven for sporting enthusiasts. We practice personalised medicine through a holistic and balanced approach encompassing nutrition and natural medicines.

About Athlete Sanctuary Pty Ltd

Welcome to the Athlete Sanctuary

Here at the Athlete Sanctuary we provide an integrated and comprehensive approach to healthcare service using a nutritional medicine and clinical naturopathic framework. Our unique approach considers the entire body with every one of its complexities and interconnected systems as opposed to a singular symptom management approach.

We aim to take care of individuals of all abilities and ages with a wide-range of health challenges. Some of the more common issues that we address include anaemia, fatigue, chronic injuries, weight management, insomnia, poor recovery, stress and anxiety, infertility, hormonal issues, digestive and immune complaints. Our nutritional advice is specifically customised to meet your needs and your demands of competition, training, and recovery for athletes and general illness recovery and prevention.

We provide herbal medicine, naturopathy, diagnostic testing, nutrition, and coaching services, conduct educational events and guest speaking services for sporting groups and facilities, corporate organisations, and schools.

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