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ATLANTOtec Atlas Alignment

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ATLANTOtec Atlas Alignment

Atlas Alignment ALTANTOtec vibration method. The Atlas - little bone with BIG consequences. A ONE visit immediate alignment by vibration.

ATLANTOtec Atlas Alignment - Craniosacral Therapy

What is ATLANTOtec®?

ATLANTOtec Atlas alignment is a noninvasive technique that uses vibration to reset the position of the first vertebra. If the atlas is not sitting correctly under the skull, the weight of the head is not supported properly and more strain is placed on the entire spine. Imbalance in the spine causes poor posture, and results in aches and pains, neural symptoms like tingling feeling or numbness in the extremities, loss of muscle strength, and loss of balance and coordination. ATLANTOtec technique does not require any chiropractic manipulation. 

Who would use ATLANTOtec® treatment?

If you have had a fall, a motor vehicle accident, a difficult birth process or forceps delivery, a whiplash injury or any type of head injury, you may well have an atlas alignment problem. Hence, an ATLANTOtec assessment and correction is probably the best fundamental therapy to start your healing process.

What are the benefits of an Atlas alignment?

Immediately after alignment, the neck will feel more range of motion. Posture improves immediately. Clients usually report that they are a bit sore and tired the next day but rapidly the body aligns and heals. The body has more energy flow to and from the brain because the internal carotid and vertebral arteries and veins are no longer strained and the vagus nerve is able to work properly. This means swallowing and diaphragm breathing improves. The reduction in chronic pain and headaches means that better sleep patterns are restored. Alignment is usually only needed once.

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Dental practiitioner with training and experience in treating TMJ, headaches and whiplash, breathing problems, snoring and sleep apnoea, food intolerances and orthodontic growth problems.

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