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Bodywork Therapist

Fiona Carr

364 Toolijooa Rd
Toolijooa via Gerringong NSW 2534

Servicing area: Toolijooa via Gerringong, New South Wales

Bodywork Therapist
Bodywork Therapist Fiona Carr offers integrated, remedial and relaxation treatments
to help you heal, relax, release, unwind and let go......

Bodywork Therapist

Make your wellbeing the first priority in your life.

Mobile service provided, please inquire.

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Remedial Massage:
A healing treatment personally tailored to meet the needs of each individual patient, it may be deep or shallow, gentle or strong. Techniques used stimulate the blood supply, therefore allowing the build up of metabolic waste that have accumulated in the muscle to be dispersed. It is calming to the peripheral nervous system thus easing pain and discomfort, allowing the muscle to relax and for mobility improvement.

Aromatherapy Massage:
For tackling the stresses of life through ultimate indulgence. Using your sense of smell, allow your physical and psychological wellbeing transform your emotions and begin to heal your body in a truely holistic manner. This sequential massage combines lymphatic,acupressure and relaxation techniques. Only 100% pure essential oils are used.

Lymphatic Treatment:
A great way to cleanse and filter the body of toxins. A treatment acts to enhance the immune and endocrine systems. Boost your body's ability to defend itself against infection, bacteria and increase the transportation and filtration of metabolic wastes. An extremely relaxing and gentle massage using a wave - like pumping motion moving the skin only to enhance the movement of lymph. Excellent in treating sinus, allergies, headaches (tension, migraines), acne, PMS, pre and post operative, dental, arthritis, muscular and sports injury, lymphoedema.

Laser Therapy (LLLT):
The LTU - 904 is a grade 1 laser. It is very safe and requires no protective garments to be worn by patient or therapist. Laser therapy is effective in the treatment of pain, especially chronic pain, sports injuries, sprains, strains, leg ulcers, relief of muscular, skeletal and neural pain. After years of proven research, Laser therapy has been most successful for cancer patients, reducing the incidence of lymphodema and scarring after radiotherapy. It is also painless. Laser therapy enhances remedial and lymphatic treatments.

Relaxation Massage:
A soothing massage using relaxing Swedish techniques to improve circulation, relieve muscular tension, reduce blood pressure and promote overall wellbeing.

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Qualification Details

    Diploma Integrated Body Therapies
    Diploma Remedial Massage
    Diploma Aromatherapy
    Clinical Aromatherpy
    Lymphatic Drainage-Dr Vodder Techniques
    LTU - 904 Clinician
    Work Cover Accredited
    Working with Children Certificate
    Current Police clearance
    Association Membersips


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