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Aum Mind Body Wellbeing. A place where you can relax and express yourself. NO JUDGEMENT.

Transform yourself and experience inner healing, increased self-confidence, personal growth, finiding happiness from within and connecting to yourself. 

The aim of Aum Mind Body Wellbeing is to use art therapy skills and techniques to help people who are suffering from mental health issues like depression, stress, anxiety, etc. I will also introduce meditation techniques along with art therapy in this program.

Aum Mind Body Wellbeing offers sound therapy with crystal singing bowls. Sacred soundwaves and vibrations help with cleansing and removing negative energies and help reenergize the body, mind and soul. Helps to reach a relaxed state while helping reduce anxiety, stress, pain, depression and many other mental health issues and overall increase ones wellbeing. 

Aum mind body wellbeing

Aum mind body wellbeing’s aim is to conduct these sessions for those who have busy, stressful life or are suffering with depression or anxiety and are looking for a creative and playful way to relax.
• No drawing, painting skill or experience necessary. You only need a desire to relax and become more creative.
This session will be with mindfulness arts like:
• Mandala art, Drawing, paintings
• Clay art work
• Vision board, collage
• Meditation technique (simple and powerful)
• Sound therapy with crystal singing bowls and different sound tools.
Art is a way of expression; it is a language which can express your feelings and emotions.
Arts/ creativity helps you to heal, grow and learn about yourselves.
You will have a chance to express yourself as you wish without judgment. It will help to open new doors, to new possibilities and experience inner healing, to increase self-confidence, to assist personal growth, to develop personal creativity, finding happiness within and connecting to yourself. When doing arts, all our emotions comes out and this helps us in expressing our feelings and helps us explore ourselves at a deeper level. It provides safe, compassionate and creative space to explore the inner world.
Different studies said these sacred Soundwaves/ Vibrations help for
- Cleansing/ remove negativity and recharging, unlocking the energies and empowering the body and mind.
- Helps to correct the chakra imbalances and activating chakra energy points.
- Helps to reach a relaxed state while helping reduce anxiety, trauma, stress, pain, depression, mood swings, nervous system and Increase relaxations and feeling of wellbeing.
- Body and mind absorb the healing sounds/vibrations and helps to spiritual wellbeing.

Qualification details

Certified Art Therapist (Member of Holistic Health Association International)

Meditation and Mindfullness trainer


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Aum mind body wellbeing