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Member since 2007

Krishna Kumar

Ayurvedic Health Care Centre of South Australia

27 Blight St Ridleyton SA 5008

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Australerba is committed to export its products overseas and has been doing so since 1982. Australerba products have been exported to Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, US, Japan and The Middle East.

Ayurvedic Health Care Centre of South Australia

Servicing area

Ridleyton, South Australia

Focus areas

Tonic Growth

Products include:

  • Australerba Herb and Honey Compounds

  • Australerba Instant Integral Herb Teas

  • Australerba Melliti

  • Australerba Vigoris Tonic

  • Australerba Herbal Wine Aperitifs

    Due to the constant changing climate of the global economy, Australerba is constantly looking for different export markets.

    Considering the extraordinary economic growth in the Asia Pacific region, Australerba plans to expand its export growth in the region with caution and care.

    For the domestic market, australerba has established distribution networks in all major capital cities in Australia
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