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Australian Association of Colon Therapists

Australian Association of Colon Therapists welcomes new members who are Medically qualified Colon Therapists. The Association is located in St Leonards,Sydney.

Australian Association of Colon Therapists

Servicing area

St Leonards, New South Wales

Focus areas

Elderly Vision Pregnancy support

Welcome to Australian Association of Colon Therapists

Bianca JamesRN is the Founder and Clinical Director of the Sydney Colon Health Clinic, established in 1991 to fulfill a much needed professional service in the area of Natural Colon Health & Colonic Lavage Therapy.

In 1993 The Australian College of Colon Therapy was establish to further expand the vision of professionalism in the industry, by providing a 1 year study course, to Medical professionals wishing to become Colon Therapists.

The benefit of this course is two fold. Firstly it enable Registered Nurses wishing to become Colon Therapists, the opportunity to study a Medically based curriculum, and expand their knowledge base using the Medical Model. The course also provides a 500 hour practical component, giving hands on experience in the area of Natural Colon Health and Colonic Lavage Therapy.

Secondly it ultimately provides a safer environment for the general public who wish to undertake the therapy, and alleviates many of the risk factors associated with the therapy, as a result of non professional therapists.

Persons with any Medically based qualification are wecome to register for the course.

The Australian Association of Colon Therapist,was formed to provide onging learning, and to be a wonderful forum for like minded professionals. Members are invites to particilate in courses, upgrade skills, attend information evening and week- end seminars.

The Association encourages members to follow strict Medical Principles, and Stringent Infection Control and Quality Assutance guidelines.

Therapists with Medical registration may also have the ability for rebate under Colonic Lavage Therapy from some health funds.

The Association also promotes Colonic Lavage Therapy to the Medical establishment, as a safe, non toxic alternative for preparation of procedures such as colonoscopy and surgery, as well as during pregnancy and for elderly or physically disabled persons.

We welcome all eligeble Colon Therapists, and would be delighted to have you onboard.

Please contact Bianca James by phone for further details.

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