The Australian Breathwork Association, established in 1997, is the professional association for Breathwork Practitioners in Australia. Its role is to support and facilitate the development of Breathwork standards and practice.

Australian Breathwork Association

Servicing area

Thornleigh, New South Wales

Focus areas

Vision Happiness Love

Breathwork is one of the most powerful transformative tools we have to access our essential nature and develop our true potential. The use of Conscious, Connected Breathing supports us to clear unresolved issues, dissolve limiting beliefs and free ourselves from the unhealthy hold that some past events have on our lives.


To support a world harmoniously connected through the experience and awareness of the transformative power of Breath and of Spirit.


To support the development and maintenance of professional Breathwork standards, and in doing so, to serve individuals in their quest for peace of mind, happiness,and connection with Spirit.

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