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Breathwork is one of the most powerful transformative tools we have to access our essential nature and develop our true potential. With Conscious, Connected Breathing we can clear unresolved issues, dissolve limiting beliefs, and free ourselves from the detrimental effects of certain past events. Contact the ABA to learn more!

National Professional Organisation for CCB Practitioners

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About ABA

Founded in 1997, the Australian Breathwork Association represents Breathwork practitioners across the country. 

It is a professional organisation for Conscious Connected Breathing (CCB) specialists.     

Its role is to support and facilitate the development of standards and practices for Breathwork.

ABA Vision

To assist a world that is harmoniously connected through an awareness of and an experience of the transformative power of breath and spirit.

ABA Mission

To support the development and maintenance of professional Breathwork standards, and by doing so, assist individuals in their quest for happiness, peace, and connection with Spirit.

What is Breathwork?

As a non-verbal method of self-knowledge, inner wisdom, and health, breathwork assists with finding greater physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance and wellness.

Intuitive and precise, Breathwork can:

  • Activate your body's natural healing process
  • Encourage self-exploration and self-awareness
  • Provide a path to conscious personal transformation
  • Reduce anxiety, depression, and stress 
  • Change unhelpful beliefs, habits and behaviour patterns 
  • Provide healing from life's pains and traumas such as birth, loss, death, and suffering
  • Support conscious, confident decision-making
  • Release emotional blocks to embrace change and achieve our full potential
  • Improve self-awareness and reprogramme behaviours for greater joy and presence in life
What Can You Expect from Breathwork?

Breathwork can be performed in small or large groups and even individually. 

A trained professional Breathwork Practitioner guides and supports your process in either setting.

During a Breathwork session, the practitioner will conduct a pre-briefing to establish a connection, share your personal history, and establish an intention for the session.

When the session begins, you lie down with the Breathwork Practitioner nearby. 

The session will last about an hour, with the Breathwork Practitioner gently guiding your breathing and supporting you to let go of mind chatter, notice your body sensations, and be aware of memories or images that surface as you breathe. 

Breathwork sessions are unique to each person depending on their intentions, needs, and particular life situation. However, there are recurring themes that are usually experienced:

  • Senses of energy moving throughout the body, peace, calm and connection can be experienced as well as physical sensations of tingling, tightness, cramping and numbness. 
  • A person may become aware of memories, emotional events from childhood, and learn limiting behaviours affecting well-being that have been learned in the past
  • Awareness of spiritual bliss, unity, and connection to a higher power

What is Conscious Connected Breathing?

Using ancient knowledge and current science, Breathwork uses a technique of accelerated breathing called Conscious Connected Breathing to access blocked energy and emotions stored at the cellular level. 

As practised in Breathwork, Conscious Connected Breathing creates a relaxed, non-ordinary state of consciousness that facilitates the expression and release of unresolved trauma, limiting beliefs, and adapted behaviours. 

These issues can lead to today's dysfunction, often accompanied by depression, stress, and anxiety.

Breathwork Training

Through Conscious Connected Breathing (CCB), Australian Breathwork practitioners have led the world in developing training standards for breathwork. 

The Australian Breathwork Association is committed to providing ongoing support to its members and the public. 

ABA establishes and maintains the professional standards of the Breathwork industry by setting agreed standards and advancing professional training. 

The ABA aligns its training standards with those of the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance. 

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