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Australian School of Tantra

Sydney / Melbourne / Perth/ Brisbane/ Newcastle NSW 2000

Servicing area: Sydney / Melbourne / Perth/ Brisbane/ Newcastle, New South Wales

Australian School of Tantra

Sydney Tantric  Sexuality for Couples, lessons and coaching. Also  Tantric sexuality coaching for couples in Perth, Melbourne and Byron Bay. Call 0430194940 for info and bookings with teh Australian School of Tantra.

For Couples

Are you curious about tantric sexuality and want to find out why people are saying tantric practices and skills are so beneficial in relationships? Whether you have been together for one week or fifty years Sydney tantric sexuality and relationship coaching and lessons has something to offer everyone, to enjoy even more love, more joy and so much more pleasure!!!....

Australian School of Tantra has professional and accredited Tantric Sexuality Educators and coaches for couples around Australia

  • Do you want to discover the beauty of Tantra?

  • Feel deeply in love and alive?

  • Learn tantric massage with your partner?

  • Do you want fresh juice in your relationship?

  • Or perhaps you want to learn skills to bring mindfulness to your sexuality and experience extended pleasure like you never have before.

 or call 0430194940 or email us

Sydney Tantra couples sessions enhance pleasure and deepen intimacy. Relationships are like a garden and to flourish they need attention and given care. Living with love takes some mindfulness and attention. Gone are the days where you would just fall in love and the relationship then looked after itself because your partner ‘knew’ that you loved them. That is a previous generations belief which many people held and when the stressors of living put pressure on partners, as individuals,   often something had to give.  That often shows up in relationship as lack of patience, lack of empathy and consideration for the other. Love melts exposing dissatisfaction and drifting apart.


"These lessons were as amazing! It was exactly what my husband and I needed. There was a good balance of information, stories and practical skills. Thanks Diane and Kerry for your professional, practical and relaxed approach. It has changed my life already" Brigit

"The Sydney Tantric sexuality lessons was a good length of time, Presentation was thoughtful and non-confronting. All aspects of the lessons were of benefit". Mark

"Very informative lessons, confronting in many ways with regards to my inability to express myself emotionally. But have learnt some very valuable skills to help me be more open emotionally and more communicative, Thank you!"

"Kerry and Diane do not preach but share their wealth of knowledge, and as a student you listen because you want to, Thank you to you both"

"Thank you for creating such a wonderful space for these sessions. Both of you are a true example of your learning's over the years, your experience is a true gift. I have been to many many workshops in my years of exploration and feel that this has been one that will have a lasting effect in all areas of my life." Angela

"Nurturing experience with wonderful exercises in a safe environment" Judy

"Should be incorporated in teaching programs for all doctors and especially Obstetricians and Gynaecologists." John

"Fantastic. Opens up a whole new world of pleasure and intimacy with my partner" Andrew

"Excellent course. Tantra at a contemporary level for the modern world and relationship. More about love, connection and self awareness. Thoroughly recommend it." Dean (April 2010)

"This is a great series of sessions which we should have done earlier. It is something lots of couples should attend. We are both inspired and look forward to a healthy, long, inspired sex life". Elisabeth

"This knowledge is essential for all ages. Sooner the better. Helps to enhance the love that brings people together and hold together for the full journey of life. As love tends to wear off with time and intimacy."

" Diane and Kerry changed my life in 1988 with their Mind Powers course. I met my husband 3 weeks later. 22 years later they have changed my life again, this time in my relationship with my husband. I truly love their teaching." Sheryl

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