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Authentic Edge - Holistic Development Coaching

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About Authentic Edge

Authenticity – Being Authentic  doesn’t mean sticking within our comfort zones and not trying anything different, it just means deeply and truly understanding ourselves and becoming congruent with that.  Everyone is unique. We all have different strengths, interests and want different things in our lives.  Once we gain awareness of our true self, then we can start to live an authentic, vibrant and congruent life, instead of simply tolerating an ‘ok’ existence.

Courage – In order to progress in general we must develop the habit of routinely getting outside our comfort zones. This takes courage! By consistently taking courageous acts, we can develop and maintain deep inner and outer confidence and get better results.

Growth – Life is in constant change.  If we don’t change with the things around us, we will struggle to cope with our lives, not to mention having a boring life!

Spirit – We may have physical health and mental stability, but in order to have enriched lives we must also consider our spirituality.  Spirituality doesn’t have to be a spooky or esoteric thing.  Spirituality is simply being in touch with our true nature and mindful and connected to ourselves and what goes on in our lives.

About Andrew

When Andrew was younger his passion was more geared towards physical health, hence his heavy involvement in sports and becoming a personal trainer, but in the last 5 years Andrew has become fascinated with mental and spiritual health and how these different aspects of health interact.

Andrew recently completed degrees majoring in psychology and philosophy, and minoring in linguistics and physiology.

Andrew has a keen interest in meditation due to its efficacy and broad ranging applications and benefits. He has completed a meditation teacher training course, and is generally interested in helping people reach their goals and to be the best versions of themselves.


Meditation Course

This 6 week meditation course is a group class designed to bring you all the benefits of meditation with a new theme each week to focus on.  The course is designed so that participants can explore different elements of meditation more deeply than what would be possible in a single class.  As the course develops you will learn different methods and mindsets to help you discover a range of styles of meditation.  The intention is that participants will use what they learn in the sessions to integrate mindfulness into their lives during the week.  As the course extends over 6 weeks, participants will have the opportunity to discuss any challenges they are having along the way, and make adjustments to their practice if necessary. By the end of the 6 weeks participants will feel confident and comfortable to meditate by themselves and have experienced a range of meditations, and mindfulness integration strategies. What would it be worth to you, to have sustainable stress reduction, increased focus and increased awareness in your life?

Development Coaching Course

Regardless of your level of experience or knowledge, you can always keep developing! We don’t proclaim to have any special powers or be an authority, and we encourage you not to simply ‘believe what we or anyone else says’, but rather encourage you try on a range of different approaches, techniques and perspectives, to see which ones align most with your own values and which ones are most useful and interesting for you on your authentic path. Each person as unique, complex and dynamic, and needs balance and congruency to fire on all cylinders. We want to help you on your authentic path and awaken your inner capacities! How much are your relationships, success, and happiness worth to you?


  • Meditation in the Workplace – (increase productivity and reduce stress)

  • Meditation for AFL football – (increase performance and improve mental health)

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