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Anahata Wellness Centre

Anahata Wellness Centre

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Natural Healing Sessions and Meditation in Fremantle, WA.

Anahata Wellness Centre

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south of the river

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Happiness Anxiety Anger Energy work Well-being Stress management

Craniosacral Therapy (CST)

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) assists the healing of trauma from injury, stress in the body-mind, and energetic inertias that disturb the craniosacral system. Over time, these disturbances lock into the body and adversely affect our natural rhythms and wellbeing. There is progressive damage to our health on different levels.

The Craniosacral System consists of the brain, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), membrane system inside the cranium, all 22 cranial bones, the spine and sacrum.

CST is drawn from 3 principle traditions – osteopathy, energy work and Taoism. It aligns the 3 rhythms of the body. Breath is the most obvious. The Heartbeat is less obvious but still easily felt. The Cranial Wave is the most discreet of the 3 rhythms. It can only be felt in a meditative state. It is a silent, powerful field of energy which flows throughout the Craniosacral system, giving it vitality and intelligent movement. It also extends in an electrical field beyond the skin’s surface and is referred to in eastern cultures as “chi”, “ki” or “prana”. The therapist observes without judgment, and tunes in to this subtle energy field. The ability to do this is called “the heart of listening” in visionary craniosacral work.

Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling is for both couples and singles, to explore all issues concerned with relationships, including communication, cultivating mutual respect, expressing needs, and sexuality. We will explore the ways in which you block the flow of connection, and ways in which you can enhance it. There may be a need to work individually (1 to 1) on personal issues, as well as jointly as a couple. You will discover many tools to reach your full potential for sharing with others. The relationship with your partner is one of the most important sources of happiness and support in your life. Investing time and resources into this relationship is crucial to your wellbeing. Statistics show that almost 50% of marriages end in divorce. There is nothing unusual about having relationship problems. In fact, it’s the norm. Research also shows that with effective counseling, many relationships can be put back on track. In other words, there is no stigma in having difficulties in your relationship, and there is no need to continue to suffer in silence. Most of us were simply not taught effective relationship skills.

With the help of an experienced relationship counsellor, most difficulties can be overcome. When this happens, you will be surprised at what a difference it makes in your life. Ask yourself – where can I best spend my time and resources right now to create long term happiness and wellbeing for myself and my partner?

Body-centred Psychotherapy uses the body to access sub-conscious layers of the mind. It is based on the pioneering work of Wilhelm Reich, and developed by my teacher Gerda Boyeson in London. This approach to therapy is based on the understanding that whatever happens in the mind is reflected in the body. For example, if you are mentally anxious, this will be reflected in a restricted breathing pattern and tensions in the chest, jaw and other areas. By using specific exercises to release physical blocks, the corresponding mental issues will also be relieved.

It is very helpful for emotional neglect or trauma from childhood, emotional imbalances such as excess anxiety or anger, inner-child issues, depression, relationship issues, and generally learning how to connect with feelings and sensations in the body.

Feelings always happen in the body - they are a very important part of who we are. By reconnecting with the inner life of the body (feelings, needs, sensations, desires and so on) in a balanced way, we are able to get to know ourselves on a deeper level, to learn how to share and relate to others in a more meaningful way, and once again to feel fully alive and present in each moment.


Using a combination of Rogerian and Mindfullness based counselling methods, these sessions will start by identifying the issues involved - such as anxiety, depression, life’s purpose, work-life balance, self-esteem, and so on. They will allow you to explore, with an experienced counsellor, how to bring healing to the things that disturb your wellbeing, and also how to understand & integrate the needs of body, mind, heart and spirit into your daily life. Movement Therapy combines dance with hatha & tantric yogic techniques to release held areas in the body. It provides a powerful way to let you feel more vitality and aliveness, and will help you to re-connect with your body in a very direct manner. No prior experience necessary.

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