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Awaken Holistic Counselling

Dawn Sellers

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If you are feeling stuck, if you want to move forward, no matter where you are on your journey of healing and recovery, why not try holistic counselling?

Awaken Holistic Counselling

If you find yourself reacting in the same way or repeating the same patterns, and you are ready for change, a holistic counselling session might just be the help you need to get you moving.

In a holistic counselling session, body based experiential processes are combined with counselling to quickly get to the heart of the issue. This means that the duration of therapy for a particular problem is short, usually within six sessions.

About Dawn Sellers

I offer a holistic counselling and therapy service at Peregian on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia.

My desire to become a holistic counsellor developed during the course of my own ongoing healing journey, which began many years ago. I realised along the way the great need for  holistic workers, and it sparked a passion in me  to be able to give back and help people as I myself have been helped along in my journey.

Body Based Therapy

Sophia Body Based therapy is a somatic therapy that was developed from Rudolf Steiner’s teachings into Psychophonetics by Yehuda Tagar in the 1980‘s, and further developed and taught by Dr Patricia Sherwood at Sophia College.  The therapy is based on Rudolf Steiner’s 4-fold model of the human being.

Body Based Therapy processes work in a very simple way with with energy, working on the premise that undigested experiences exist in our energetic body systems as energetic disturbances, affecting our emotions and behavior.

Artistic Therapies

Artistic Therapies are gentle expressive therapies, using pastel, clay, or watercolour.  No artistic ability is required, just a willingness to express a feeling using an artistic medium.

Art is a right brain activity as is commonly known. Rudolf Steiner’s universal Spiritual Science would describe what is attributed to right brain to actually be attributed to the heart.  Rudolf Steiner tells us that the soul operates from three centres, thinking, feeling and willing, or head, heart and hand.  Artistic therapies engage the soul through the language of the heart, bypassing the intellect of the mind.


Sandplay brings you into the world of symbols. It’s a gentle but powerful modality.

You might think that Sandplay is for children.  While it’s true that Sandplay is wonderful for children and people who have difficulty expressing themselves with words, it is also a powerful medium for adults. Difficult stories can be told with a level of detachment, using symbols and a sandtray.

The use of symbols connects us with a deeper part of our psyche or soul, and great wisdom can be imparted from symbols, which continue to work well after the end of a session.

Australian Bush Flower Essences

Are gentle but powerful essences developed by Ian White, an Australian naturopath. These essences work on all the layers of the human body at a vibrational level.  They hold the inherit healing qualities of Australian flowers, which flourish in this ancient  land under the harshest of conditions, giving them an incredible vitality.

Bush Flower Essences may be offered as a reinforcement in a session.

Purely ABFE consultations are available or essences are available by request.

If you would like me to accompany you on a journey of inner exploration, healing and growth, then please phone me on 0403 052 804 to make an appointment.

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