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Yoga & Meditation
Member since
Aug 2010

Awakenings Yoga Studio

Contact Name Shanti Namaste
Mobile 0418 246 816
Address Seaford VIC 3198
AUGUST 2019 
Meditation / Relaxation - Wed 7th August
Yoga Beginners/Foundational
Thursday 8th August
Call Shanti 0418 2468 78 to book

Seaford Yoga and Meditation

Awakenings is a home based Yoga Studio, situated in the peaceful, beachside enviroment of Seaford. We offer a sacred space for Women and Girls only, to practice ancient yogic and meditation techniques, in order to balance the body and soothe the mind. Our courses are held weekly, for six weeks. Our class sizes are kept small and friendly, catering for a maximum of 10, so students will receive a high level of guidance in their practice. On completion of the Beginners Yoga or Meditation course, students have the opportunity to deepen their practice by participating in Progressive, Advanced and Master class levels.

All courses run weekly for 6 weeks

Total Course Investment 

Full $ 135

Concession $105

Foundational / Beginners Yoga 6 week courses

Thursdays starting 8th AUGUST

7.30pm - 9.00pm

Meditation / Relaxation 6 week course

Wednesdays starting 7th AUGUST  

7.00pm - 9.00pm

Foundational / Beginners Yoga 6 week course

This course has been designed for students who have little or no experience in the physical form of Yoga. It is also ideal for those who are returning from illness or injury and have had a break from any formal exercise. The classes emphasize on the student becoming more aware of their body and their breath in a non vigorous and relaxing manner. The student will learn a sequence of yoga movements that systematically ease tension and stiffness to all their major joints as well as being offered notes, which inform students of Classical Yogic philosophy and lifestyle choices.

Progressive Yoga 6 week course

This course has been designed for students who have completed the Foundational / Beginners course and are ready to practice more physically, emphasizing on stretching and loosening their major muscle groups. The students will also be introduced to the subtle Chakra energy system. With each yogic posture, the student will learn how to activate their energetic chakra body, becoming aware of the chakra's location, colour and sound vibration by practising visualisation and tonal tuning (mantras).

Beginners Meditation/Relaxation 6 week course

Students will be guided through a sequence of meditation techniques which include Buddhist and Yogic practices that coax the mind initially on a journey of relaxation, towards stable concentration and focus. On completion of the beginners meditation/relaxation course the student will learn to meditate independently for at least 20 minutes. Students are welcome to attend ongoing guided meditation practice for added motivation, with experienced students who have completed the course.

How can mediation help you?

    1. Meditation provides a quiet space in your mind to  unwind.
    2. It aids you in becoming centred, balanced and in  touch with your Inner Self.
    3. Meditation improves your concentration skills, recharges your batteries, and increases energy levels. 
    4. It helps you gain peace of mind, by reducing habitual, destructive thought patterns
    5. Meditation helps still the “monkey mind”, enabling you to have a deeper, more peaceful sleep.

On a personal note,

Our classes do fill quickly, due to its small size, however, courses are held every 7 weeks, throughout the whole of the year, so its not long to wait if you are interested in joining! I am passionate about sharing the joys of a Yogic Lifestyle and would be happy to help you gain balance and inner peace in your life too! If you are interested in joining any of these courses please call me, 0418 246 878 , otherwise email or text your mobile number and I will be happy to call you and discuss any details of the courses with you.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

All the best

Shanti Namaste

Other services provided by Shanti:

Reiki healing - Taditional Usui method 

Astrology consultation - Western method

Shanti brings to her classes, a compassionate and understanding approach, which have been nurtured by her psychiatric nursing experience as well as time spent as a novice nun at a Buddhist monastery in Perth, Australia.

About your teacher - SHANTI NAMASTE

After many years of Buddhist meditation practice at the Buddhist Society of Victoria, Shanti undertook formal studies in Philosophy at LaTrobe University, Melbourne, 1996. Initially, studying Classical Western and Eastern philosophy, she focused her attention on Buddhist and Yogic philosophy. After completing her university education she undertook and completed Yoga teacher training at Sivananda School of Yoga, Melbourne, 2000.

Shanti is an experienced and enthusiastic teacher who has been passionately teaching for 19 years. She is dedicated in bringing the joys of yoga and the self-awareness of the meditative state, for her students. Please call Shanti for further information.

Please ring Shanti for further information or to book your place 0418 246 878


All courses run weekly for 6 weeks 

Other services provided by Shanti: 

Reiki healing - Usui method

Astrology consultation - Western method

Reiki healing

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a hands-on healing technique which channels "Universal Life Force", (Prana or Chi) into your body, removing energy blockages stored in your subtle bodies (chakras), which cause symptoms such as pain, anxiety and tiredness. When you receive your Reiki healing treatment, you will lay, fully clothed, whilst Shanti, with intention, places her hands lightly on, or hovering over different areas of your body. The Usui Reiki method activates and accelerates the body's natural healing processes, assisting in restoring physical and emotional wellbeing.

Benefits of Reiki

    1. Boosts the Immune system
    2. Relieves muscle tension
    3. Alleviates pain and anxiety
    4. Re-balances energetic flow
    5. Heightens intuition and Self awareness
    6. Grounds and centers your Being
    7. Increases clarity and purpose
    8. Improves sleep
    9. Soothes the Nervous system

You will receive ALL inclusive, value adds to your Reiki healing session! 

Please choose from the following or have the whole experience of:

Hands on Energy Healing

         Traditional Usui Reiki Method

Sound healing

    1. Quartz Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls for tuning and balancing energetic body.
    2. Cellular activaion using Shamanic drumming and shamanic rattle.
    3. Chakra balancing chimes placed and played on the body.
    4. Ocean drum - healing sounds of the ocean.
    5. Low and Middle OM tuning forks placed on chakra points.
    6. OM and AUM chanting.

Crystal therapy

    1. Your choice of a flower of life crystal grid placed beneath your body.
    2. Your choice of a crystal matrix surrounding your body.
    3. Your choice of crystal gem essences on pulse points.

Aroma therapy

    1. Your choice of essential oils on pulse points.
    2. White sage and Paulo Santo smudging for aura cleansing.

Colour therapy

Crystal light refracting wand placed on acupuncture points

Spiritual coaching

Healing affirmations, verbal and written to take home

Talk therapy

Cup of tea and chat with Shanti!

Pyramid power

All healling techniques are provided underneath a 2 metre Nubian pyramid.

Finish with a piece of hand made chocolate for grounding!  : )

What to wear 

Please wear comfortable clothing, you will remain fully clothed during the treatment. 

Duration and Investment 

2 to 3 hours $100.00 I do look forward to pampering you with a Universal energy LOVE BATH! Please call Shanti, 0418 246 878 to book your appointment now!

Astrology Consultations

How can Astrology help you?

    1. Gain greater understanding of your important relationships, partners, children, siblings, lovers, business.
    2. Increase your Self awareness so you can function more productively using your natural talents.
    3. Discover your karmic path - what is your life purpose?

Please identify your chart preferences

You may choose to emphasize your consultation on the following:

    • Personal Birth Chart: In depth analysis and interpretation of every sector of your life.
    • Relationships: Combine you chart with your partner, children, siblings, lover, business.
    • Auspicious dates: Planning special occasions eg. Weddings, Business ventures, etc.
    • Personal Guidance: Discover your strengths, personal challenges, your karmic path as well as past life influences.

Details required

Date and time of birth

City and Country of birth

You will receive an in-depth consultation, personal astrology chart and a written report of your personal 6 month forecast.

Individual chart and consultation

2-3 hours $175.00

Compatibility charts are an additional $55.00

I do look forward to assisting you in gaining deeper insight into your core personality traits and clarifying your life purpose, as well as coaching you to manifest your greatest skills and talents in your daily life! Please contact Shanti, 0418 246 878 to book your astrology consultation now!

Please ring Shanti for further information or to book your place 0418 246 878


1. Covianna 2019 One and a half years Masterclass yoga

2. Tricia 2019 11 years Masterclass yoga

3. Frank 2019 10 years Masterclass yoga

4. Cecilia 2019 8 years Yoga and meditation

5. Sammi 2019 5 years Masterclass yoga and meditation

6. Glenys 2019 4 years Masterclass yoga

7. Kate 2019 3 years Yoga, meditation, reiki and astrology consultation

8. Sharleen 2019 18 months Yoga, meditation reiki and astrology consultation

9. Amanda 2019 1 year Yoga and astrology consultation

10. Misha 2019 1 year Yoga and meditation

11. Belinda 2017 1 year Meditation

12. Bernadette 2015 3 years Meditation

13. Renee 2015 1 year Meditation

14. Carmen 2015 1 year Yoga

15. Rebekah 2013 5 years Yoga

Covianna - Masterclass yoga student for one and a half years and ongoing.


What prompted you to start yoga and meditation with Shanti?

I am a practicing Vedic Astrologer. My astrology teacher expressed to me that it was important to be practicing Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama (breath work) to be authentic in my Vedic Astrology practice. I was recommended to Shanti through a friend, who attended her Meditation Class.

Why do you keep coming back to Shanti’s classes?

I keep coming back to Awakenings Yoga Studio because of the loving, inclusive and sacred environment that Shanti creates. I feel heard, respected and honoured.

What do you like about Shanti and her teaching skills?

I like the structure that she brings to the class, where each step builds on the previous and that class notes are provided. Also that Shanti can be clearly understood and heard.

What are the benefits you received from Awakenings Meditation course?

Shanti taught a simple and effective method that I find easy to do each day and feel rested and calm afterwards. I also learned a breathing exercise of Nadi Sodhana Pranayama (alternate nostril breathing) which I do each time I meditate.

What are the benefits you received from practicing yoga with Shanti?

When practicing the Yoga Asanas (postures), I become aware that I am in the present, I feel where my body is not flowing and not at ease. After class I feel centred and rested and in a balanced space. This state stays with me and supports me to respond to life in a non-reactive way. The affirmations and mantras we practice in the class really help with this.

Another benefit is choosing an Oracle card at the beginning of class – I receive helpful insight each time.

Recently Shanti introduced the use of Tibetan and quartz crystal singing bowls. The effects are quite remarkable. I know something has changed in my resonance field in a positive way.

What are three words that describe Shanti and her teaching skills?

Shanti is a vibrant, dedicated and an insightful teacher.

What are three words to describe your feeling after a Yoga Session?

I feel peaceful, invigorated and full of well-being.

Please describe Awakenings Yoga Studio.

Awakenings Yoga Studio is an elegant space conducive to learning and practicing both Yoga and Meditation.

Entry via the long, Lavender lined driveway is a delight to the senses with Fairy Lights and beautiful flowering plants welcoming at the front entrance. The studio is clean, also warm and nurturing and comfortably cool and airy when hot outside. Large comfortable soft mats are provided, as are spare yoga mats if you happen to have forgotten yours. Bolster cushions are provided for sitting comfortably. Soft, warm, nurturing blankets are always available. Garden windows show beautiful plants, fairy lights and a lovely Moon Fountain. Privacy is also ensured with roll-up blinds.

Why would you recommend Awakenings Yoga Studio to others?

I am blessed to have Shanti as my Yoga teacher, her energy and the physical space she creates for us is truly special and insightful. I look forward to our connection every week, a connection which often has an Awakening Experience.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us of your experience with Shanti and Awakenings Yoga Studio?

The welcoming glass of refreshing tea often accompanied by a piece of organic chocolate is a delight. I particularly enjoy the meditation and deep relaxation at the completion of each class. There is something very unique about the energy with which Shanti guides this. I find that I am transported off into the Cosmos many a time, from which she guides us gently and perfectly back.

Tricia - Masterclass yoga student for 11 Years and ongoing.


I have been practicing yoga with Shanti for 11 years now and I feel its one of the best choices I have ever made. At the time I was going through a difficult period in my life, physically as well as mentally.

Please describe Shanti's teaching skills.

It was great to find a teacher like Shanti who understood my body so well. She always found an alternative pose if I had difficulty. Shanti has always been spiritually uplifting, very much a friend and very caring. The whole experience at Awakenings Yoga Studio, physically and mentally, with Shanti and the positive people I have met in the group have been just amazing!

Frank Overburg - Master Class student for 10 years and ongoing.


What prompted you to practice yoga with Shanti?

I suffered from anxiety from the moment I can remember. I always felt different from others, never quite fitted in. I felt very alienated from family ( although I knew they loved me.) I was and am the black sheep f the family. I had tried everything and nothing worked for me. Eventually, I went to a healing therapist and she suggested yoga. A flyer from Shanti was in my letterbox when I got home and the rest is history!

I have been studying with Shanti for 10 years and am in Masterclass yoga.

I always come back to Shanti’s classes because I love her and the rest of the group who attend. I have created a great life for myself and Shanti has helped me and continues to help on my journey to inner peace.

Please describe Shanti's teaching skills.

Shanti is gentle, sincere, thorough and intuitive. She has the ability to pick an element, stimulated by one student’s discussion or experience and make it resonate with us all. Oh and I like the way she challenges our thinking too. Thanks Shanti

Cecilia - Meditation and yoga student of 8 years and ongoing.


I started yoga with Shanti many years ago, which I really enjoyed. When I had an operation on my shoulder I moved to Shanti’s meditation class. This changed my life which I am very happy about.

I used to find it difficult to sleep, with Shanti’s teachings, I gained a different view about my life and now I sleep very well!

I would like to tell everyone who is thinking of practicing yoga and/or meditation to trust and relax when you enter Shanti’s home and appreciate the peaceful experience that is Shanti.

Sammi  Mastercless Yoga and Meditation for 5 years and ongoing.


I have found my experience with Shanti outstanding! She is such a spiritual person. In the meditation course, she guides you slowly and shows you in a way that makes you really understand the process of meditation. Practicing both yoga and meditation with Shanti has taught me to be more understanding and accepting of myself, not just in class, but my daily life!

Glenys - Masterclass yoga student for 4 years and ongoing.


I'm a mid sixties, mother. I have been busy mothering most of my life, but I have also become aware of my own place in the universe and how my spirit evolves through the various roles I play and the people I meet and the situations I’ve been in my life and how my spirit has sustained me and brought me to Awakenings Yoga Studio.

Why do you recommend Awakenings Yoga Studio?

I have practiced yoga before, but I had a disconnect as it was mostly physical, however, doing yoga with Shanti, I've been able to really concentrate on my breathing and not necessarily hurry through the poses, but to feel the poses more and to stay in the poses and breathe into them. This enables me to strengthen and relax my muscles and I feel as one. I feel totally united which is very relaxing.

What prompted you to start yoga with Shanti?

I had been looking for something that was more than just a gym yoga, then I received a flyer from Awakenings and it spoke to me and I tried it out, and I’ve been very, very happy.

What benefits do you receive from yoga with Shanti?

The benefits I get are calmness, feeling centred and I feel uplifted. When I come to class I feel like I can leave my outside trappings behind and focus and become one with this energy. Shanti’s classes nurture and uplift me. It releases tension,anxieties and all those niggles that build up in daily life. I leave feeling very refreshed and calm and back into my own body which is a wonderful feeling.

Kate Smith - Yoga and meditation student ,Astrology consultations and Reiki healings for 3 years and ongoing.


What prompted you to start yoga and meditation with Shanti?

I am a busy Mum and a business owner, and I made a promise to give myself some ME-TIME. Thankfully, I chose Shanti's Yoga classes after a flyer was dropped in my mailbox, to start the ball rolling. That was over 3 years ago now. Since then, I have also attended Shanti's Meditation classes, I have had Astrology readings, and also Reiki healings from her. Even my husband and son have seen her for Astrology readings!

Describe Awakenings Yoga Studio.

The classes are held in an open studio that has such beautiful energy, filled with amazing spiritual artworks, a stunning collection of crystals and also beautiful feminine sculptures that were made by her students who took part in a Wise Women's Circle that Shanti facilitates.

You are greeted with Shanti's warm smile every time you enter, and not to mention lovely herbal teas, and divine little pieces of raw chocolate.

What do you like about Shanti's teaching skills?

Shanti conducts these classes in a way that everyone feels welcome, everyone can be themselves. And yes, we also have a good laugh too. Shanti is warm, fun, knowledgeable, caring, and she has so much time for you. The classes are also relaxed, laid back, but informative, you may ask questions, tell stories, share experiences, or if your like me, you feel comfortable to just be a quiet achiever.

Describe your experience of the Astrology and Reiki sessions.
The individual sessions of Astrology and Reiki are phenomenal. Expect hours of dedicated time and energy put in to you! Shanti is passionate about her work, and goes above and beyond in every way she can for these one on one times with you. I call them healings, as in both her Astrology and Reiki sessions, there are massive shifts, and life changing information, useful advice and you just feel like a new person afterwards. Time flies, while you are there, and when you leave, you will leave going Wow, Wow, Wow!


Sharleen - Beginners yoga and meditation for 18 months and ongoing.


Wisdom, humility, respect and knowledge all come to mind when I think of Shanti. Every one of her classes are different and unique and she she makes you look at life and yourself from a different perspective. Not only will you learn the techniques to meditation or yoga, but also how to incorporate spirituality into your everyday life. I have been attending Shanti's for a year now. The experience of my first few classes were like jumping and looking over a wall. I knew I had to go back and experience what was on the other side. Shanti is a compassionate, committed and naturally gifted teacher/guide. Her caring & gentle attitude is extended to every individual in the room.  


Amanda Whittenbury - Beginners yoga student for 1 year. Astrology consultations 1 year and ongoing.


What prompted you to start yoga with Shanti?

I first heard about Shanti through word of mouth and she came highly recommended by a friend. My best friend and I were looking to start a yoga class but not at a gym, somewhere that felt calm and peaceful where we could escape from the daily grind.

Describe Awakenings Yoga Studio.

I walked into Shanti's studio and instantly felt an overwhelming sense of calm with its homely and beautiful surroundings that give a sense of relaxation and comfort.

Describe the benefits you received.

I completed the 6 week beginners course with Shanti, not knowing a lot about yoga and having some issues after having a child I was quite anxious about what I could and couldn't do, Shanti made me feel completely at ease as everyone just goes at their own pace within their own limitations. By the end of each yoga class I felt like I had just come home from a holiday, completely relaxed with a clear mind and content.

Describe your experience of Shanti as a teacher.

Shanti is a wonderful teacher who has such passion and a true gift to share, I feel blessed to have come across her as you never leave her feeling any less than wonderful.

After my yoga course had completed I booked in for an Astrology reading as it's always something that's interested me, I was completely blown away by how accurate the details were and it gave me a real push to do something I had always wanted to do for myself but never had the courage and for this I am so grateful to Shanti. She not only provides you with your reading for the next 6 months of your life, she educates you on how it all works and connects, as well as shows such passion in all she shares. It is truly a beautiful and in my case, a life changing experience and I have been going back for readings for over a year now.

I would highly recommended Shanti to absolutely anyone.

Misha Kapitan - yoga and meditation student of 1 year and ongoing.

What prompted you to start yoga and meditation with Shanti?

An inner calling and then a pamphlet in the letter box inviting me to join Awakenings Yoga Studio prompted me to give Shanti a call to enquire about her yoga classes. I had been thinking about joining up with a Yoga school for a couple of months and so it felt perfectly and divinely timed to receive the pamphlet when I did.

Originally I had enquired about the yoga classes, however they were full at that point so I secured my position in a latter class and joined mediation in the meantime.

What makes you keep coming back to Awakenings Yoga Studio?

I was incredibly surprised by the serene and magical atmosphere which has not siezed to be a part of every class to this day. Its part of what makes going to Shanti's classes so special for me as I feel like I can dip into another world where I can be at peace and feel safe to express whats on my heart.

What benefits have you received since practicing yoga and meditation with Shanti?

Since starting my awakening with Shanti, I have become much more confident and secure within myself. I value very much the space that Shanti holds for our personal and spiritual growth.

Shanti is open to sharing her own acquired wisdom but is also very open to hearing and listening to other peoples experiences. You can tell that she cares about the wellbeing of her students and is very in-tune with their presence in her classes.

With Shanti's classes, I have come to feel more in-tune with my body. I think this was through learning to use my breath whilst performing certain movements that Shanti explained the benefit and purpose of.

In other Yoga classes I felt albeit overwhelmed with having to keep up with all that I had no understanding of. In this class it was not only informative and educational but I felt deeply relaxed and increased mobility afterwards.

I also attended Shanti's meditation course and felt the power of mediating in a group and being guided by the soulful voice of Shanti.

Shanti's course has taught me a method of entering mediation, utilising my breath and maintaining peace and concentration throughout. This teaching I have taken into every mediation since.

Now I don't feel like I have to meditate just at home; perfect opportunities arise to go within either at school or whilst I minute at work. The method taught by Shanti allows me to relax my mind and body enough to maximise my mediation in a given amount of time. I also feel like I am able to go deeper into a mediative state than before.

3 words I would use to describe Shanti's teaching style;

Shanti is an Authentic, Clear Channel.

3 words to describe my feelings after yoga;

I feel Relaxed, full of vitality and flexible.

3 words to describe my feelings after mediation;

I am smiling, feel content and peaceful.

Please describe Awakenings yoga studio.

Awakenings is in a modern home totally dedicated to a yoga studio. It is spacious and comfortable.  Your eye is drawn to crystals or art pieces all of which have significant meaning.

Shanti also selects a display of candles and crystals for each class. 

Dark organic chocolate awaits us as we walk through the door, candle lit green tea and love bestowed filtered water. 

Oracle cards to provide a personal message to reflect what we have happening in our lives.   

Two beautiful dogs; Honey and Leonard, who oversee the whole class from beginning to end.

I would recommend Shanti and her classes to anyone who may be experiencing events in their life that are asking them to go within for clarity and answers.

Shanti has empowered me to believe in myself and the messages I receive from spirit. I feel more connected to nature and have more understanding and patience for other people in my life.

I am pleased to have a booking with Shanti for reiki and astrology in the near future. From my own perspective and the testimonies of other people in her classes, I believe that Shanti has a real gift to be able to help others overcome adversities in their lives.

Thankyou Shanti.

Belinda Yoga and meditation student for 1 year.


I have attended yoga and meditation classes with Shanti for the last 12 months, and it has proven to be extremely beneficial.

Held in a relaxed, no pressure environment, the classes provide some 'time out' from the craziness of everyday life.

Shanti is full of life and extremely supportive towards all who attend, taking into account her students' individual needs.

I highly recommend Shanti's classes to people from all walks of life and I will be continuing to attend throughout 2018.

Bernadette Meditation student for 3 years.


Shanti has a beautiful , peaceful nature. The environment she has created at Awakenings Yoga Studio makes you feel very peaceful and calm as soon as you enter.

When I first came to see Shanti for meditation practice, I had such a busy mind. After learning some breathing techniques, Within a couple of classes, I managed to calm my mind! Shanti’s teachings have actually relieved a lot of stress for me throughout my day to day life.

I actually love coming to Awakenings Yoga Studio just to experience the environment, soft lighting, salt lamps and peaceful music. Shanti’s nature and lovely personality creates the warmth in the environment that makes it a great space for everybody to enjoy, so come on down, it’s a great place to BE !

Renee Meditation student I year

What prompted you to join Awakenings meditation course?

I Googled Inner Peace when I was not in a good place and I found Shanti and chatted to her over the phone. My first experience of meeting her, she welcomed me into her home and she listened to me and how I was feeling. She explained how meditation could help me. That’s when I decided to learn meditation.

What are the benefits you received from the meditation course?

Shanti taught me breathing techniques, which I wasn't very good at the time. My whole body would shake and I wasn't able to stay still, but that was my starting point. When I continued to practice the full yogic breath, I started to stop shaking and started to respond to life a lot better.

When I left class , I would feel like a different person! For someone like me who suffers from anxiety, after meditation, I walk out with a clear chest, feeling calm and happy. All the problems that I thought I had, dissolved. I sleep well, I come home happy to my husband and loving to my children. Meditation has really helped me In all different aspects and for the rest of the week. When I feel like things are getting too much, I just remember my breathing and relax again.

Please describe Shanti's teaching skills.

I like the way that Shanti is a very calming person, but also very down to earth, is human. We can have a joke, but she still teaches me everything I need to know. She is serious about what she teaches, but is still also very fun and interactive with her students. Its just good just to be here.

I always come back to Awakenings. I have tried different meditation places, but I believe that Shanti does what she does because she loves it. It’s a big part of who she is and I don’t think it’s a business to her, I think its her life.

Three words to describe Shanti.

Shanti is passionate, welcoming and loving.

Please describe Awakenings Yoga Studio

The yoga studio is warm and inviting. As soon as you go in you feel as if you have entered a bubble. Even though its only around the corner from your home, you feel like you enter a bubble and its just so peaceful. Actually since meeting Shanti, I ended up getting rid of 50% of all the stuff in my home and put them on the nature strip, "free to good home", and ended up buying salt lamps and extending my Buddha collection. Now my home is a bit of a mirror version of this studio, except my home has toys around. I brought a bit of Awakenings back to my home.

Why would you reommend Awakenings meditation course to others?

Well I do recommend people, even though I dont attend as often as I used to. I recommend peoplke to just go and see Shanti. I will give you her number, just go down thee and see her. I recommend Shanti because she saved me. If I hadnt come to Awakenings, I dont know where I would be. I want other people to come along, because when I find something that helps me, I want to pass it on to others.

Carmen Beginners Yoga student for 1 year.


What prompted you to start yoga with Shanti?

I came to yoga because I felt like something was missing in my life and I wanted to calm myself in a relaxed environment and I heard that yoga could assist and that’s why I was drawn to see Shanti. I have done yoga before but the teacher didn't resonate with me and I also felt that it was due to the head space I was in at the time. I feel the time is right now and I love the gentle style that Shanti uses.

What benefits have you received from the practice?

I really look forward to the class every week and if I don’t do it, I really miss it and feel out of whack because I don’t feel grounded. I feel yoga gives me the grounding that I need in my life because I do a lot of personal coaching for others, so I find its really good to ground myself.

Please describe Awakenings Yoga Studio.

The environment is very comfortable because the studio is in her home. The classes are a small size, 6 to 8 people, so its very intimate. Shanti is very personable and it’s a very relaxed environment.

I was googling yoga studios and that’s how I came across Awakenings and I gave Shanti a call and it just felt right and I haven't looked back.

I always tell my friends, after yoga I feel I've had a 2 hour massage. I'm so relaxed and in such a good head space. It grounds me and makes me feel relaxed and its just time out for me because I'm always doing a lot for others, its really good to have some time out just for me.

Please describe Shanti's teaching skills.

Shanti is very welcoming and very friendly and yet extremely knowledgeable. She's had many years of experience and that where I feel she is really helping me to understand yoga, but in a very simple way. She has taught me that yoga doesn't have to be strenuous , it can simply be about breathing and you can use these techniques, as well as the stretching and the other forms that we do in our everyday life. I have learnt strategies to calm myself which I use to calm myself during the day. If I have a pain in my body, I now know how to manage it. Shanti teaches in a simple way so everyone in class has an opportunity to go at their own pace. If we are all at different levels, that’s ok, because you just go with where you are at the time.

Please describe how you feel after yoga with Shanti.

After Shanti’s classes I feel at peace, contentment and a connection with the Divine, which is really important to me.

Rebekah - Foundational yoga student for 5 years.


What prompted you to join yoga with Shanti?

I have epilepsy and I wanted to learn how to calm myself and have more control of my body. Medical wise, I didn't want to take so many prescription drugs. I wanted to learn techniques that I could use in that precise moment I needed help. I received a pamphlet in my letterbox and I thought if I don't try, I’ll never know, so I gave it a go and Shanti changed my life, she's amazing.

What are the benefits you have received from yoga with Shanti?

The breathing techniques that Shanti taught have prevented full blown seizures from occurring and this self control has been fantastic!

When you are with Shanti, she makes you feel calm and makes you feel at home. I like it that she doesn't make you do crazy postures and she never makes you do things you cant do. No matter what, you know its going to be peaceful and relaxing. If I feel I need to rest, I can just lay there and enjoy a laugh with the other ladies.

What do you like about Shanti's teaching skills?

Shanti is a wonderful person in my life, if I never came to Awakenings, I would have regretted it. She is like my personal guardian angel and she seems to be around whenever I need her. She’s like that mother you need, or that best friend. Its like she has a calling, she seems to sense when something is not quite right. I don’t know whether its her nursing experience, some people have this gift and Shanti has it and you can feel it by the way she speaks to you. She doesn't preach to you, yet she gives you all her attention and listens. I feel that’s how every teacher should be. There is no-one like her. What I get from Shanti is something in life, you rarely receive. Especially when you have epilepsy like me, being put on lots of medication, you can get all that, but with doing this type of yoga, I have been able to get my life back and that’s priceless!

Shanti has been able to give me back my life and so as a thankyou present, I gave her a rose quartz, tree of life necklace, to thank her for the five years of teaching me and understanding all the things that have gone on with me and my medical condition. When I haven't been able to go to go to class, she just understood that things were not going well, but she was still there for me.

Three words to describe Shanti.

Shanti is beautiful, lovely and unconditionally loving. There is no-one like her!

Please describe Awakenings Yoga Studio.

The studio is very welcoming, its like your ideal home. Its not in an isolated place, a hall or in a business park. It just makes you feel like you're going home. The yoga studio is beautiful, nothing too high tech and its wonderful.


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