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Awakening Yoga

Louise Avery

Caulfield North VIC

Awakening Yoga
Free your body & the rest will follow

Awakening Yoga

"Awakening Yoga offers specialist yoga classes in Pre Natal Yoga, General Vinyasa yoga with a therapeutic focus and Restorative Yoga to revitalise and improve well being. "

Prenatal Yoga

PreNatal Yoga courses are designed to prepare your body and mind for childbirth. This process is a commitment to yourself and your birth experience and is a wonderfully relaxing and physically nurturing way to allow your body to be as ready as it can be for this life changing event. As one of my students recently commented... you can do yoga classes for years but it�s not until you get to PreNatal yoga that you really learn to connect with your body as deeply as you can..�

The practice in these classes is gentle and nurturing and includes guided relaxation and mediation focussing on working and moving with the breath to create space, awareness and a deeper level of peace.

The ideal time to start PreNatal Yoga is after the first trimester when you are starting to feel the changes in your body and are able to place the practice into context. However the classes are gentle and I encourage you to come when you feel ready to join.

I teach with a little humour but endeavour to support and encourage you to relax and prepare in peace. I have the support of two midwives (my aunt and a good freind) and a network of family and freinds who have all experienced motherhood.

About Louise

Louise regularly attended classes and workshops in several different yoga styles developing a physical awareness of the body for many years before deciding to undertake Yoga Teacher training with the Australian College of Classical Yoga, which was completed in 2004.

Louise has attended workshops with Donna Farhi, Judith Lasater, Alice Cummins where the mind body connection is explored in movement and breath.

Louise has studied anatomy with Susi Aldous Hately, Alice Cummins (from a Body Mind Connection and recently completed a Functional Anatomy Certification with Breathe Education in Melbourne.

Louise has also attended education events on Natural Birth processes with Dr Sarah Buckley and a Calmbirth© Workshop with Susan Currie.

Louise is a Member of the Yoga Teachers Association of Australia (YTAA) and the International Association of Yoga Therapists and is a Certified Relax and Renew with internationally recognised Restorative speicalist Judith Lassater.

Her Pre Natal Yoga teaching has become a speciality since 2004 after the pregnancies of her sisters (who have had seven children) and most of her friends. She has had the support and connection with a community of midwives and women who all have helped her foster a sense of community. Louise offers women a chance to share their often very different experiences of pregnancy and motherhood.

Louise comes from the perspective that Prenatal Yoga is one of the best ways to prepare you for the journey into motherhood, and while we prepare physically for childbirth it’s the emotional journey that is more important.

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