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Aware Psychology & Coaching offers brain, mind and whole body approaches to help you better manage your emotional and general wellbeing. 

Aware Psychology & Coaching

At Aware Psychology & Coaching we use a combination of neuroscience, positive psychology, mindfulness and whole body awareness to help you understand why you operate the way you do and how to influence change. We believe that once you understand the 'why' you will be better equipped and more motivated to act on the 'how'. 

In addition to psychology, we have an understanding on how your lifestyle (sleep, diet and exercise) and gut health, impacts your mental and overall wellbeing. 

Aware's Principal Psycholgist and Founder, Michal Baghlani, is a registered psychologist with over 16 year experience with helping clients manage their mental health. She is also a Certified Resilience Coach, Microba Informed Gut Practitioner, and Hardy Nutritionals Informed Practitioner (micronutrient therapy to assist with improving mood, anxiety and behaviour issues).

In addition to one to one services, Aware Psychology & Coaching offers an online learning platform to develop your resilience. With 6 months access to a professional learning platform you can complete the program in your own time while granted access to an AI coach app, video tutorials and activities to assist you with upskilling your resilience. 

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Aware Psychology & Coaching