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Ayu Natural Therapy

Hornsby NSW 2077

Ayu Natural Therapy

Pain management, cold and flu, Emotional problem, cholesterol in the eye, SCENAR/Physiokey, Naturopathy, Remedial Massage, Flower Remedies, Herbal Medicines

Ayu Natural Therapy - Anti-ageing


Healthy diet, lifestyle, self massage, TaiChi and SCENAR/Physiokey treatment help you to stay young. You can look younger 15-20 years.

Who want seek advice from me?

Look older than their real age (consultation will find out the cause)

Want to reduce wrinkles on face (face muscle training and SCENAR/Physiokey facial reduce wrinkles and uplift your face)

Want to look younger than their age (consult and educate how you can slow down ageing)


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