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Pain management, cold and flu, Emotional problem, cholesterol in the eye, SCENAR/Physiokey, Naturopathy, Remedial Massage, Flower Remedies, Herbal Medicines

Ayu Natural Therapy - SCENAR/Physiokey

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SCENAR(Self Controlled Energo Adaptive Regulator) is a handheld electrotherapeautic device used to effect healing for wide range of conditions. Physiokey technology stimulates sensory nerves to induce a relase of body's own powerful pain releaf mechanisms. Both devices are non-invasive neurostimulation technology. When apply the device to patient's complained area, the machine reacts by stickiness, redness, or sound change. When reacted area is treated, the symptoms will reduce or improve.

How SCENAR/Physiokey help you?

Example 1. Trigeminal neuralgia - coudln't open mouth, move mouth properly, couldn't eat a lot, couldn't speak

Treated neck and shoulders. After several sessions, face pain was gone.

Example 2. Arm pain for three years

Unknown cause pain was treated and device found a spot of cause pain. Pain was gone just one session

Example 3. Spinal stenosis - lower back pain and leg unconfortableness

Treated spine for several times (sessions) and pain was gone. Patient off the medication.

Example 4. Ligament injury - upper arms

Patient damaged ligaments when work out in gym had pain with certine movement (limited range of motion).   

Treated arm and shoulder for three sessions and pain was gone.

Example 5. Swelling

A 9 month old baby hit a head and a prt of forehead was swollen.

Treated with device for several minutes and swelling was gone.

Example 6. Frozen shoulders

Patients 50s and 60s suffer from pain.

Treated with device. Pain level and range of motion improved session by session.

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