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Aug 2008

Ayurvedan Heart

Contact Name Caroline Swan
Phone 03 5428 7529
Mobile 0438 432 015
Servicing Areas Riddells Creek, Victoria

A place to be healed and nurtured, restored and revitalized through the ancient art of Panchakarma, Ayurveda’s Rejuvenation and Purification therapy

Ayurvedan Heart - Reflexology


Is one of the simplest and yet most powerful healing treatments in existence. It can be traced as far back as the ancient Egyptians and ancient Chinese. It has been practised in India (where it is known as Padabyanga) for centuries.

By applying pressure and massaging in the correct way reflex points/areas on the feet and hands that correspond to all the various organs, glands and parts of the body, a healing response is activated through stimulating the body/mind restorative energy flow. You will be deeply relaxed and balanced by a Reflexology treatment as it primarily greatly reduces the stress that is the underlying cause of the vast majority of conditions, for example…..
  • the common cold and ‘flu
  • back problems
  • arthritis
  • migraine
  • digestive disorders
  • menstrual issues
  • menopause
  • cancer
  • depression and anxiety…..


Reflexology (feet and hands)
Reflexology (deluxe)

60 mins
75 mins
80 mins


Call - 03 5428 7579 OR 0438 432 065

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