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Yoga brings us into the moment. Becoming present is a great release from stress.

Ayurvedian - Yoga


Yoga increased your energy levels, improves body flexibility, reduces symptoms related to stress, and provides you with an overall feeling of happiness. Yoga can have a deeply re-energising effect on all body systems. In recent times, our lives have become increasingly busy and frantic and this can often lead to stress and tension. As a result, there is a strong need to de-stress, to quieten our minds and to rejuvenate our bodies. And yoga helps to achieve this, helping us to restore balance and health. Yoga has several therapeutic effects and can be used to treat conditions such as asthma, back pain, anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues, and weight loss.

There are four primary streams of yoga Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Gyana Yoga, and Raja Yoga. Each is suited to a different approach to life or temperament. All of these streams of yoga end up in the same destination.  

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