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Baby & Beyond

Michelle Jasprizza

Greystanes NSW 2145

Servicing area: Greater Western Sydney

Baby & Beyond
Celebrating 20 Years
Fostering Pathways To Well-Being

About Me

With a passion for empowering others and holistic approaches, my business started as a Massage Therapy practice in 1994. As I evolved and grew, with much gratitude to my clients, so did the diversity within my business. With sound education in health science, training in person centred therapies, providing on-going Supervision for Case workers, experience teaching at the International College of Healing & Metaphysics, coaching emerging practitioners, volunteer mentoring for Camp Magic and Nourish at OzHarvest (both programs for vulnerable young people) and a quest for knowledge of traditional medicine, Iíve studied in Australia and abroad.

Two decades of working with the physical body in a healing space, has demonstrated over and over that we are complex! Our body, our feelings and our thoughts are so interconnected that it reminds me of the adage 'which came first, the chicken or the egg?'. For me, it evokes the question 'does our inner world create our outer world or vise versa?'. What I have witnessed, is that our body is truly like a barometer. It is an expression of the culmination of our experiences. From the first moment of our lives we are forming - memories, perceptions, beliefs and ways of relating. To me, at any age, this is where the healing journey begins. Allowing the wisdom of our bodies to show us, inform us, teach us and remind us of our own emerging truths and needs.

Other services provided include -

Baby Massage Classes

Sandplay Therapy

Mind-Body Counselling and Guided Creative Processes

Kinesiology and a variety of Healing Approaches

Support Services for Professionals
Including those in the demanding community carer, helper and support roles, in which I am currently facilitating Supervision for Case Workers.
Or perhaps you are starting you own practice and would like the support of an experienced mentor and successful business creator.

Founder of Healing for Humanity
A support group for healers and a distant healing community service. This is a donation based experience, where 100% of funds donated are passed onto charity.

AnnuaI donations have been made to the Childrenís Hospital at Westmead, Make-a-Wish Foundation, Amnesty International, Green Peace, Vision Australia, Bear Cottage and to the Kiva Organisation.
For more information or to book your healing email:

Start the ripple effect of
transformation within yourself.

Your ripple will naturally radiate,
just like when we toss a pebble in a pond.
May your ripple inspire your family, friends and the community.

  • Diploma of Ecopsychology & Soul Centred Healing
  • Associate Diploma in Health Science
  • Internationally Certified Infant Massage Instructor
  • Sanplay Therapy for Children & Adolescents
  • Mind Body Counselling for Adults
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment & Training - Educator
  • Energetic Healing & Metaphysical Training
  • Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)


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