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The Glen Back Care & Sports Therapy
Pilates is a common and very effective type of exercise in the modern age. Through a series of specific, controlled movements, Pilates improves strength, flexibility and endurance. It greatly improves your 'core strength', thus improving the way you move, reducing your risk of back pain, and helping you to look and feel better!

The Glen Back Care and Sports Therapy - Clinical Pilates

How Clinical Pilates Works

A Pilates session is intended to enhance core muscle balance, strength and flexibility through a mix of exercises performed on specialised Pilates equipment or floor mats. A thorough evaluation enables our professionals to determine any weakness within your core, so that exercises prescribed to you is specific to you, and targeted to exactly what your body needs. At The Glen Back Care and Sports Therapy we have the Pilates reformer available to assist you. Combined with the mastery of our highly trained and experienced practitioners, this is the most specific and effective way to stimulate and strengthen your core muscles.

Clinical Pilates is evidence based and has been heavily supported by scientific research to be one of the most effective ways to reduce back pain in the long term, improving the strength and control of the specific muscles that the body requires to protect the important spinal structures.


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