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Everyone deserves to try a remedial massage to stimulate and detoxify the body to give a therapeutic, stress-relieving, relaxing massage treatment.

Remedial Massage for Relaxation & Stress-relief

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Hampton Park VIC

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Stiffness Happiness Joy Wellness Pain relief Fitness

What is Remedial Massage?

Do you want to relax and relieve all this muscle tension? Why not seek treatment instead? This is the ideal cure for your private myotherapy learning.

Remedial massage helps blood flow, reduces muscle tension, increases muscle elasticity and flexibility, reduces stress and enhances sleep.

Why should you select a Myotherapist for your Remedial Massage? 

In their first year of practice, myotherapists study remedial massage. The myotherapist is more than prepared to grow the knuckles with thorough anatomical knowledge and education in the proper biochemical process (how the body will move). Further experience in dry needling,  cupping, joint activation and movement therapy should the focus be required is the added benefit. 

Remedial massage is useful to all types of people with pressure in the chest, shoulder or back, athletic activities or traumatic muscle soreness, chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia or even after serious injuries such as a car accident, for pain relief and healing aid.

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