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Balanced Wellness


Christies Beach Surf Life Saving Club
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Servicing area: Southern Suburbs, Onkarparinga, Morphett Vale, Hackham

Balanced Wellness

Low impact QI Gong 

Beneficial for you Joints, Increase your range of movement, especially the upper body.

The movements can Improve physical balance, Coordination and Flexivblity.  Stretches the legs, waist and upper body.

Learn to feel all parts of your body, become more relaxed, soften your muscles and improve your blood circulation.

The movements can be adjusted or modified for your practice to be achievable and enjoyed so as to maintain health and wellness.

The 7 movements are repeated in practice with the aim to become soft and smooth, circular and fluid.

all the best and hope to see you at a practice.


Qigong Workshop

Dragon & Tiger QI Gong

Mondays from July 6th 2020
10am to 11am
Christies Beach Surf Life Saving Club

QI GONG Classes 

Chi Gung (Qi Gong)

Qigong is based on Taoist philosophy and principles of Chinese Medical Theory, putting emphasis on internal processes such as meditaion and breathing.
The aim off Qi Gong is to coordinating gentle,  low impact movements to promote ciculation of fluids throughout your body, and increase your level of chi to maintain good health.
Practiced to calm and relax your body and mind, with focus on relaxation techniques to let go of tension.
Qigong loosens the muscles, strengthens the internal organs, improves cardio pulmonary and vascular function, strengthens the nerves, helps to prevent injury to joints, ligaments,and bones, and also helps to ease stress and balance emotions.
"flow like a river and move like the clouds"


WHEN: Mondays                                                                  
TIME: 10am and               
COST: $ 12  per class
WHERE: Christies Beach Surf Life Saving Club
WEAR: Comfortable clothing
There may be more classes after this date depending on interest
  • Learn low impact gentle movements to your ability
  • Calm the mind and Relax the body
  • Focus on relaxation techniques with a new awarenes
  • Improve Breathing, Balance and Coordination     
All the best from Julie 0409 059 794

Who should attend?

Anyone seeking to learn something new or improve your tai ch,  and gain greater awareness.


Time for regulating your breath, mind & posture together as one, by practicing and sharing simple exercises to help reduce stress, neck, shoulder & back pain.

Class held by Julie Locker

Over 25 year as a practitioner of Tai Chi & Qigong, and now a Level 1 Instructor of Dragon & Tiger with Energy Arts

Member of Energy Arts

Latest Sydney Workshop in 2016 with Bruce Frantzis

Longevity Breathing ad Opening the Energy Gates of the Body

2020 Dragon and Tiger Chi Gung Instructor Training Thailand.


Qualification Details

Diploma An Mi Tui Na
Dip Professional Counselling
Ostealign Therapist
Member of Energy Arts Circle

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